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6 Easy Ways to Predict a Baby’s Gender

Is this baby a BOY or a GIRL?

This idea came from Raising My 4 Sons when she was nearing her due date, here. It sounded like so much fun and so I wanted to play along and do some of the gender predictions for myself as well!! 

There are 6 easy ways or test you can do to predict based on old wives tales and calendars if you will be having a boy or a girl. Are they accurate, though? Test them out for yourself and see my results, too!

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1. Heartrate Test

This method says a heartrate over 140 is a girl and under 140 is a boy.

Baby’s heartrate has been at or over 140 so far so this method says GIRL!

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2. Wedding Ring Test

For this prediction you take your wedding ring and put it onto a string and then you dip it to each side of your wrist and then hold is still over your wrist. If it makes a circle it’s a boy, a line is a girl. 

We actually did this one a LONG time ago when I had just tested positive! This method gave me 9 kids (to which I counted 2 out towards miscarriage and adoption). 5 boys and then finally 2 girls! It gave my husband 7 kids – 5 boys and then 2 girls. So far it’s held true. That would make this baby a BOY!

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3. Chinese Calendar Gender Chart

This chart supposedly was found in a tomb in China and is believed to correspond with the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

So far I’m 50/50 on this one – Nate should have been a girl and Tyler a boy! Being 26 and conception and conceiving in December says it’s a GIRL!

4. Mayan Prediction

Taking the mothers age at conception and the year of conception and adding them together will give you a even number for a girl or odd number for a boy.

This one says GIRL!

5. Shape of My Belly

A big and round belly means girl, smaller and straight out than the baby is a boy.

This one gives me a BOY!

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6. Cravings

Salty foods means you’re having a boy and sweet foods means it’s a girl.

This one is definitely saying it’s a GIRL!

Overall – According to’s Old Wives Tales Gender prediction quiz I have a 33% change of a boy and a 66% chance of a girl! 

This factors in 24 questions including if I like Orange Juice, if my nose has gotten wider, my mother’s hair color and which way I place my pillow!! Where do they come up with these things!?!? Lol! It also holds the same prediction as above though, 2 said boy and 4 said girl – that’s 66% chance of Girl again.

Now just for fun – what do YOU think?? Am I having a BOY or a GIRL? Go ahead and vote in the comments!!

Update: I had a boy, the odds were WRONG!


Monday 9th of August 2010

I was just blogging around this morning and found your blog. That was fun. I had only heard about one of those tests, the heartbeat,which is how doctors used to predict before ultra sounds. Now that peg it right on. My oldest they said nothing and it was a bog. My youngest they said his heartbeat said it was a girl. Well that was the six doctors (a big group worked together), until I was in the labor room and I asked the doctor, well how does my little girl sound? He said, well actually it sounds like a boy to me. And of course he was right. So much for the heart beat theory. The ultra sounds are pretty accurate though.Thanks for letting me visit.Susan

Jad Smith

Monday 9th of August 2010

According to me there are many ways to check gender but not all are reliable and affordable but test like intelligender has both the qualities.--Boy Or Girl


Sunday 8th of August 2010

I think Girl...sweets never lie!


Saturday 7th of August 2010

Thanks for all these ideas! I'll have to try them :) I'm guessing a girl!!


Friday 6th of August 2010

Have you tried the Draino test yet? I've got 7 kids, and it's never been wrong for me. My midwife gave me an article that was published in the 80's, where they did a controlled testing. It had an 85% accuracy rate. It's simple (but gross!)~ Just add a few tbs of powdered Draino to a cup of your urine ( a glass cup). Just be sure to do so OUTSIDE, and clear the area, because the fumes are horrible. It'll fizz up and leave a ring around the cup. Blue/green=girl, brown=boy.(oh, and I"ll predict a boy for you! :o) )

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