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5 Magical Santa Traditions

Oh how I love all the magic and traditions that seem to come with this time of year! I have always loved them, but seeing the holidays through the eyes of a child is truly magical. My kids squeal with delight when we pass houses with lights up. They marvel at elaborate store windows at the mall. They soak up stories and traditions with a childlike wonder that I absolutely adore.

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We have several traditions that help keep the magic of santa going at our house. To me santa is so much more than the guy who does the shopping. He is so much more than a jolly man who wears a red suit. For me Santa teaches kids to believe in something bigger than they are. It starts in such a simple and magical way but allows kids to understand the concept of believing in something they can’t see. Imagination is a huge attribute for healthy children to have, plus when it comes to huge goals and life decisions, they are going to need the ability to believe in themselves and those around them.

I realize that Santa is not the only way to inspire these feelings and actions. But at our house, it is a great start. I realize the day will come when they will want to know the truth, and I will tell them that Santa is bigger than me or their dad. That Santa is so much more. Here are some of our traditions that help my kids believe in the magic of Santa:


Our Elf: Ah, we have an elf on the shelf. We don’t read the book that came with him. He doesn’t cause mischief. He brings greetings and love from Santa to help keep us company and get to know us better, since Santa can’t be everywhere at once. He shares books and service activities throughout the month of December and my kids ADORE him.


We Read About Him: My 3-year-old could read The Polar Express All. Day. Long. If I would let him. And I won’t pretend I don’t get choked up at the end of that book every stinking time. Such a magical tale of truly believing.

We Write To Him: We take our Santa list writing very seriously. Even though my kids are young, and their lists could go on for days, I make them trim it down to a 4-5 gifts they REALLY want. It has to include something they need and a book for reading too.


We Prepare For Him: We bake him cookies and leave him milk, or Diet Coke or his favorite, Root Beer. We always leave out treats for the reindeer, but this year I am thinking Mrs. Claus needs a certificate for a massage or something super nice (am I right?)!  My son came to me very concerned about not having chimney the other day, so we made santa a spare key as well.


He Writes Back: This year we are adding the magic tradition of Santa writing them! Thanks to Albertson’s this is really simple and fun. By visiting their website, you can enter in all of your child’s information and be able to print a letter and envelope from the north pole, written by the big guy himself!

I can’t wait to see my kids faces as they realize that Santa has written them back. Plus, it is super easy for me! What a fun way to keep the santa magic alive at your house this year! After you have printed your custom letters and envelopes, be sure to print out the handy coupons to get a jump start on treats for the big guy’s visit too!

What Santa traditions do you have at your house?

Lisa Bristol

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

My kids used to love to leave cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. It always had to be home made cookies.


Wednesday 10th of December 2014

We don't have a Santa tradition anymore, because my son finally stopped believing. We do have a tradition of a big breakfast every Christmas morning though.


Wednesday 10th of December 2014

In our house, we always leave out the cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas eve. I love this return letter from Santa!

Ninja Mommers

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

These are all amazing traditions. We have so many in our family. WE LOVE creating new traditions too!

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