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10 Tips for Planning a Unique Baby Shower

Unique Baby Shower Ideas

If you want a unique baby shower here are a few of my ideas for doing things a bit differently! 
1. Plan a Shower at a Restaurant – You can easily throw a shower at a local restaurant and order several appetizers for the guests. If the guests want more to eat they are welcome to order whatever they’d like, of course, but just put the appetizers on the hostess bill.
It may be a bit more expensive but you don’t have to spend your time cooking like a crazy woman to get some great refreshments to the table and no cleaning up either! If you plan it for more of an off hour guests many not be very hungry and just enjoy the appetizers and the chance to talk. Many restaurants have party rooms as well for a more private atmosphere.
2. Have a “Progressive Dinner” style Event – In a progressive dinner couples start at one house for the first course of a meal and then move to several different homes to finish up the meal. You could adapt the idea for a baby shower by having guests move from room to room with different activities or themes in each room, or even from location to location. Get creative!
3. Throw a Dual-Gender Party – This has started to become more popular, and we actually did this with our first child. My mother-in-law asked if I wanted a baby shower and I said I would love one!
As I didn’t know my husband’s side of the extended family and friends all that well I asked if we could have more of a get-together barbecue style where my husband could stay and men and children could come as well. It worked out great and it was really fun to have my husband participate in the gift opening!
4. Party Games – Party games are pretty standard but you can always try to do something different from the standard games that are often played. I recently went to a baby shower and we played a really fun game in almost a “Family Feud” Style where we saw 20 different candy bar varieties and then were given a clue such as “Hospital Bills” and had to be the first to buzz in and name which candy bar fit the clue – in that case it was 100 Grand!
5. Pampering Shower – If you have a Mom-to-Be who may already have many of the baby things she needs it’d be really fun to do a pampering shower. You could either visit a local spa or nail salon or else do it from home! Treat the mom to be with a manicure, pedicure, or massage and lets the guests join in as well! The Mom-to-Be probably won’t be able to reach her toes but you could get some fun pictures of her trying!
6. Shopping Trip Shower – How about having all the guests pool in money towards a gift card (or just cash) and meet up at a local store like Target or Babies ‘R Us and help mom shop for the essentials! How fun would it be for mom to get to go on a shopping spree with her closest friends all helping her know what items are best and what things she really doesn’t need!
7. Make it a “Surprise” Party – No reason for birthday parties to be the only surprise parties! How fun would it be for the Mom-to-Be (especially one who isn’t a first time mom so may not be expecting a shower) to get surprised with a shower. Be sure to keep her out of the loop!
8. After the Baby Arrives – Another fun way to do it would be to have a shower after the baby arrives so you and all the guests get to meet the bundle of joy! This would work great for being able to include out of town family that might come into town for the birth!
9. Throw a “Dress” Party – This one is kind of my “dream”! A friend of mine offered to throw me a shower post-baby if it’s a girl as I already have all the boy things and essentials already for a baby. One thing about having a girl is you get all the frilly and sweet PINK things!
I would love to have a party that was based around each guest bringing little girl dresses so I’d finally get a little angel to dress up! It may be best to assign size ranges (maybe half the group 0-6 and half the group 6-12) so that the gifts will spread out over time. The guests of course could bring other items as well.
10. Or how about a “Book” Party – Have each guest bring along their favorite childhood book (or favorite book to read to their children) to help the Mom-to-Be build up a great book collection!


Thursday 26th of August 2010

i read somewhere that you only get a baby shower for your first baby...i didn't get a baby shower with my little one... i moved to a new area where i had no friends... far from my old friends and familyi would love to be able to have one of these... for my next kid or even if it is for post baby 6 months in :) (my son is almost five months now)

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