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Women Are Powerful – Vanity Fair Ambassador!

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Vanity Fair. I received product samples to facilitate my review and compensation to thank me for my participation.

The kids are heading back to school soon, and fall is approaching, and with these changes comes the opportunity for women to have their own fresh starts, too. We have a chance to realign our priorities, refocus our attention, and reinvest in ourselves. One way we as women can do that is by realizing our own potential and hand in hand with that is pushing ourselves to reach that potential.

I remember way back when I started my blog how unsure I was of my own abilities and strengths as I started to make something completely my own to share with the world. Over time, I’ve come to realize my own power and strength and all that I really can accomplish if I put my mind and heart into it. Now, 5 years into blogging, I can look back and see the strength behind who I am.


Vanity Fair Bras wants women to know how powerful they are, both as individuals and as a collective group, and I’m thrilled to be partnering with them through the end of the year as a brand ambassador to spread this message. Together, we’ll be sharing ways to empower women including why the right size bra matters and how to find your correct size.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the incorrect bra size? Finding your correct size makes a huge difference! A bra is the foundation of your look and the right size helps to highlight your shape and give you a smooth silhouette.

Vanity Fair 03904

Vanity Fair has been a leading lingerie brand for over 100 years that women have been able to turn to for support and comfort without any extra effort needed. They offer styles that are feminine and on-trend without sacrificing function. Their bras are super comfortable and truly do help to give you that boost of confidence when you feel great, you show it. When the product is great quality, it’s easy to stand behind and it makes me thrilled to partner with Vanity Fair this year. There slogan is all about supporting the “Women Who Do.”


Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Another part of the campaign this year will be supporting Dress for Success which is a nonprofit organization that empowers disadvantaged women to succeed in a career by giving them confidence, career development, and professional attire to take that next step forward. I love the premise behind this organization that seeks to show women that they are capable, smart, and assist them on their way to believing that about themselves.

What would you like to learn about over the next 6 months on empowering women?