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Top Spring Cleaning Areas + Soniclean Vacuum Review

I received a Soniclean vacuum in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Springtime is such a beautiful time of year. I love when winter finally starts to fade away, the flowers begin to bloom, and it begins to warm up again. Like many of you, springtime also brings the need for some serious cleaning in my house. I love to take a few weeks and really clean my house. Now, with two small children around this is no easy task! I never seem to get to everything I want to. But here is my top simple, but impactful “deep clean” areas for me.



A good cleaning of your window, indoors and out will make more of a difference than anything else, in my opinion. It is amazing how much cleaner and more fresh and bright your house will be with clean windows!



Clean them out! Destash and reorganize. Even if you don’t get rid of anything, simply removing everything and putting it away in an orderly fashion makes all the difference in the world. Do your pantry too! Take inventory while you are at it! Now is a great time to see where you stand with cleaning supplies, food storage, linens, clothing and more. What do you have too much of, not enough of, make a list!



Really scrub them down. One of my favorites for spring time (Can you say favorite when you are talking about cleaning a toilet?) is to get out a pumice stone and really scrub the toilet bowl, gross, but so satisfying when you are all done!

Finally the Floors:

Man alive do my floors get neglected, which is really bad because my kids are all over them all day! I will readily admit that mopping is one of my least favorite chores. My entire house is laminate or tile. I have ZERO carpet in my home. That means mopping is a huge job for me. I mop my floors weekly with a mop, but a few times a year I fill up the bucket at go at that giant job on my hands and knees. It is AMAZING what a mop will miss and what you can really get rid of when you get down on your floors level.

But here is my everyday secret weapon:


I have two small children and one large dog who sheds an obscene amount. We live in Arizona and have a siberian husky. As you can imagine my house is usually covered in fur. Before I can do ANY mopping of any kind I have to get that fur off the floor. It is a daily chore and one that gets old really quick. But the Soniclean VT Plus S-200 has saved my bacon!

This vacuum is not messing around, it really gets the job done! Here is what I love about this vacuum:

  •  It has sonic technology which means that it produces 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute to dislodge dirt before vacuuming it 1
  • It is light. Weighing only 10.5 lbs I can easily move it around my house with a baby on my hip too!
  • It easily switches from carpet mode (for my rugs) and hard-flooring mode. I am talking a button on the handle easy, no knobs or
  • It has Jam Protection. This is the best, ever caught a stray sock, toy, or the corner of a blanket with your vacuum? If that happens, the Soniclean automatically shuts off.
  • With my large dog and all those spring flowers the Hepa Filtration system in the bag is great for cutting down allergens.
  • It has a super long 35 ft. cord that allows me to move from room to room with having to unplug.
  • It can lay almost flat against the floor, making it really easy to get under kitchen chairs or coffee tables.vacuum

You can find out more about the Soniclean VT Plus S-200 here. It has a retail value of $199.80, I highly recommend this awesome vacuum. The only thing it is missing is a hose for getting between couch cushions and what not, but they do sell a vacuum that comes with a handheld unit as well. I will invest in that one soon!

If you are super busy this spring, prioritize your spring cleaning. If you can’t get through your 200 item check list, and who can? Make sure to hit your top priority areas that have the biggest impact for you! Invest in a few “must-have” cleaning tools that make your life easier and let the rest of it go for now!