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Earn Walmart Gift Cards with Suave Family Perks

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

As moms, we love to find a bargain – a way to stretch our tight budgets further to better provide for our families. I know for me, I always get excited when I find a special promotion or a deal on products that my family goes through like water because they are hard to keep in stock. Whether that might be toilet paper, goldfish, paper towels, or beauty products, I always keep as much stock on hand as I can.


Suave has started a new really neat promotion Suave Family Perks that rewards you for being loyal to the products you already love. Whenever you shop for any of the Suave products including Suave Men, Suave Professional, or Suave for Kids, you can earn points towards rewards. Think rebate, without the tedious process of clipping UPC codes, filling out a rebate form, and mailing it off hoping it arrived. Instead, you just snap a picture of your receipt using your smartphone and upload the image to the Suave Family Perks site. You’ll know later that day if your receipt was approved and points will be credited automatically.



Suave’s great products include a detangling spray for kids which especially great for the little ladies, Suave Mens 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, and Suave Naturals Body Lotion, to name just a few of their selection. With something for everyone in the family it’s easy to add up points and save while you are at it with products that are always at an everyday low value at Walmart.

What’s better than buying something at already great prices and earn real rewards that you can actually use? The Suave Family Perks program lets you redeem your points from purchases for a Walmart eGift Card! The rewards program counts all Suave purchases made at Walmart. Sign up at Suave Family Perks. Be sure to use the promo code SuaveFreebies to get a free 25 bonus points when you sign-up!

How do you save money for your family while stocking up on their needs?