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Toothless The Dragon Cookies

When How to Train Your Dragon first came out, I was a newlywed school teacher. I had read the book and wasn’t super excited about the movie. Good thing I went anyway because it was instantly a favorite at our house. In fact my husband got two copies of it at Christmas that year, everyone knew how much he loved it.

Now we have two kids and to say that we were excited about the second installment of this epic adventure would be an understatement. We could not wait to see what Hiccup and Toothless and our favorite band of dragon trainers were now.


Now that it is out of Blu-Ray and DVD we can watch How To Train Your Dragon 2 as often as we would like. We decided to throw a little family party to celebrate. Armed with treats and fun activities we were headed for a night full of fun!

When I asked my son what kind of treats he wanted, he asked if we could make Toothless Cookies. After a little brainstorming here is how you can make your own Toothless Dipped cookies.


Start by melting your chocolate. These would be so cute if you used black melting candy chips but I could not find ANY anywhere! Chocolate chips worked great!

Melt a bowl of chips in your microwave, I put mine in for 30 seconds at a time and stir it before putting back in. If your chocolate is too think add in a spoonful of Crisco, melt and stir.


Once you have a bowl of smooth, chocolatety deliciousness, start dipping your Oreos. My favorite trick is to stick your fork in the cream filling, it works great when dipping them in milk too. Lay dipped Oreos on a wax paper lined cookie sheet to cool. If you live somewhere hot like me, stick them in your freezer for a bit to firm up.

(Can you tell I had a three year old helping me? Lots of smeared chocolate!)


Next we used our green frosting to make Toothless eyes. Finish your cookies off my adding the pupils, nose, and ridges to his face!


Easy, right? My kids loved them!


We popped the movie in and snuggled in for a movie night picnic. With our cool How To Train Your Dragon 2 Plates, napkins, and cups, we were sure to enjoy our treats even more.  Don’t you love how the smallest details make everything seem so much more exciting?


Halfway through we passed out some color sheets from the movie. My son has a thing for Astrid and was so excited to color her!  Popcorn and treats ruled the rest of the night as we finished watching our new favorite movie.


My favorite part of this movie night was how easy it was to make a big deal for my kids. You could easily making viking ship snacks, or play some sheep themed party games to liven the evening up even more! The sky is the limit with such a great movie to inspire you!

Have you seen How To Train Your Dragon 2 yet? What kind of treats would you make for your party?


Tammy Woodall

Thursday 20th of November 2014

This is such a unique idea. This would make watching the movie with the kids more special in itself. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

Amber Louise Edwards

Thursday 20th of November 2014

These are nice treats! Even little kids can do this.

Amber Louise Edwards

Thursday 20th of November 2014

These are nice treats! Even little kids can do this.


Thursday 20th of November 2014

These are too cute! I love this!

Tales Of A Ranting Ginger

Wednesday 19th of November 2014

How cute and creative! Thanks for sharing. My kids would love these.

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