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Family Road Trip Safety Tips

Moving out of state for school means A LOT of road trips to visit family. Having a son of my own, I’ve realized that although grandma and grandpa enjoy my husband and I visiting, the real reason they look forward to our visits is seeing our son. This means that we make the drive from Arizona to Utah and Idaho quite frequently.

Making this 12-15 hour drive always scares me; a lot can go wrong – flat tires, traffic jams, accidents, etc. However, using these handy road trip safety tips, I feel confident to hit the road.

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 Family Road Trip Safety Tips

Rest: Make sure you are well rested before you leave for your trip. Get plenty of sleep the night before you start your journey. If you are one of those drivers who doses off easily (like my husband), pull off to the side of the road if you feel drowsy. To help keep you awake and alert, try sucking on hard candies or eating sunflower seeds.

Organization: If you are traveling with kids, make sure the inside of your car is well organized. Talk to your children about the importance of not being distracted while you drive. Let them know where you have put their snacks and toys so they can help themselves, leaving your eyes on the road.

Service Car: Before heading out on a long road trip, be sure to check the air pressure in your tires, oil level, washer fluid, etc. Proactive car care goes a long way when traveling. Servicing your car beforehand allows you to drive with ease and peace of mind.

Emergency Care: Make sure that your car is equipped with essentials in case of an emergency. Pack items such as a first aid kit, spare tire, hazard flares, etc. If you are traveling with kids, bring an abundance of diapers, food, and water. If you’re prepared, you can handle anything!

Phone: Make sure your phone is fully charged before heading out on the road. If your phone quickly runs low on battery, bring a car charger or portable charger. Trust me, you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road with a dead cell phone. However, while driving, make sure you aren’t distracted by your phone.

Breaks: Try taking a driving break every 2-3 hours. Get out of the car, stretch, hydrate, and eat. If you need to, frequently switch drivers.

Road Side Assistance: When something goes wrong on the side of the road, you need a road side assistance company that arrives quickly, ensures your safety, fixes the problem, and provides friendly service. That’s why Agero is the perfect road side assistance company for all of your family road trips this summer.

What really sets Agero apart from other companies is their attention to detail. Upon contacting Agero with your roadside needs, Agero lets you know exactly who is coming to your aid and when they are expected to arrive. With over 30,000 service providers across the country (and Canada), your needs are met promptly and safely.

Agero covers everything from flat tires, lock outs, and jump starts to battery and fuel delivery. If faced with trip interruption, Agero helps with hotel booking and finding the perfect repair shop. What more could you ask for in a road side assistance company? Agero gives drivers peace of mind while ensuring safe family road trips. Be sure to check out Agero before planning your next family road trip.

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Where are you headed this summer?


Friday 25th of July 2014

These are some great tips! We always make sure we have plenty of rest before heading in the car for a long drive.


Friday 25th of July 2014

Those are great tips! We just did 16 hours in the car and prior to that I did 12 by myself with the kids!


Friday 25th of July 2014

Great tips for road trips. We are driving to Florida in Oct and need them. lol

Ashley - Embracing Beauty

Friday 25th of July 2014

Great reminders! So timely too!


Friday 25th of July 2014

We are just a few hours away from leaving for a 3.5 hour road trip. Great tips, thanks.

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