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How to Protect Against Water Leaks

Have you ever experienced a water leak? It’s the most frantic feeling when you see water spilling out of your fridge, toilet, washing machine, or even flooding into the home from outside. I’ve had a couple of experiences, including the time our old washing machine flooded our entire home.

This post is sponsored by Delta Faucet Company. All opinions are my own. 

Our First Experience with Water Leaks

It happened a couple of years ago. I had started my washing machine to give it time to fill and then started tossing in clothing from around the home. I didn’t realize that I never shut the washing machine lid. That should not have been an issue, but for some reason my washing machine never stopped filling.

My husband and I went off to bed and a few hours later I was up a couple of hours later to tend to one of my young children. I was in complete shock when I stepped out my master bedroom door, which was on the opposite end of our home, and felt water. There was 1-2″ across all of the tile areas of our home and into our carpeted bedroom area as well.

We spent the next couple of hours with towels, brooms, a wet-dry vac, and big fans trying to clean up the mess. We were lucky that we caught the problem when we did, but it was still heart wrenching and could have done a lot of damage to our home. Luckily, with mainly tile flooring throughout our home, our floors weren’t damaged.

When you have an experience like this, you realize anything that can alert you and save you all the worry, work, and potential expensive damage is worth every penny!

How to Protect Against Water Leaks

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Protect against water leaks

1. Detect Water Early

Catching an early leak means less water to deal with and less potential damages. You’ll also not run up you water bill if you can stop the problem right away.

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Delta Leak Detector 05533

We are using Delta’s Water Leak Detector to help protect our home which alerts us with an early detection if water is sensed. We’ve placed it right beside our washing machine, tucked towards the back beside our cabinets. It is out of the way and out of reach for my young boys, so I know it will be ready, if it’s ever needed.

2. Know the Problem Spots to Watch

You might expect toilets, fridge, washing machine and sink to be on the list for common water leak locations. But keep in mind your water heater, dishwasher and showers/tubs are also a target to be aware of. If you know where in your home your leaks are likely to come from, you can keep aware and a watchful eye on those areas to notice any changes in the water flow or build-up.

3. Practice Turning off the Water Main

Take time to find the main water line to your home and practice turning off your water. It can be difficult to shut off the water and sometimes special tools are needed. If you have practiced and have the tools and equipment necessary, you’ll be able to quickly access and shut-off the water valve if it ever becomes necessary.

4. Monitor Your Water Bill

Your monthly water bill can tell a story about the water usage in your home. If you notice a spike in water usage, consider what may have changed such as watering the lawn or other factors. But keep in mind that may also mean a small leak or a running toilet that can become a bigger problem down the line. Your utility bill can be a great resource for spotting potential problems early.

Using Delta’s Water Leak Detector

Delta has taken away the worry, and the stress, of water leaks by giving you instant alerts – wherever you are – if water becomes a problem in your home. You’ll be able to quickly identify exactly where the leak is occurring and lets you act, before damage occurs.

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Delta Leak Detector 05409

Setting up the Water Leak Detector was so easy. You just touch the single button on the top of the detector and sync it to your smartphone or tablet through the Delta Home app. You won’t need any extra hubs needed and you’ll only need change the batteries about every 2 years meaning you’ll have hardly any fuss – just protection where you need it.

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Delta Leak Detector 05531

The app makes it really convenient and easy to monitor your home wherever you are. I liked that I could see the history on my Water Leak Detector as well as how much battery strength was remaining. As a bonus, it also lets me know information about temperature, so I can watch for potential frozen pipe issues in the winter.

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Delta Leak Detector 06008 2

We tested out the detector by dripping some water onto it to see how the detector would respond. We immediately received an alert notification on my smartphone and a text message alert. The detector itself made an alert beeping sound and the LED ring light up, immediately responding to the water detected.

How to Protect Against Water Leaks Delta Leak Detector 06015

I really appreciate the peace of mind having a Delta Water Leak Detector has given to me. We’re already planning to add additional detectors throughout our home in other spots I know are prone to potential leaks and problems. Our boys’ bathroom is on the top of my list as it’s not a place we use or go into often.

Delta #LeakDetectSweepstakes

You could win a Delta Water Leak Detector with a fun and easy sweepstakes hosted on the Delta Faucet Facebook page. To enter, you’ll just leave a comment on their Facebook page telling Delta Faucets what you’d like to protect in your home and tagging the post with the hashtag: #LeakDetectSweepstakes. One winner will be selected each week in November!

Visit to learn more about how the Water Leak Detector works and start protecting your home today!

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Tuesday 21st of November 2017

This device sounds really helpful! Early detection of water leaks is really important. Will check this out!


Tuesday 21st of November 2017

This is a really cool way to detect leaks. I'll have to show this to my husband. He might be interested in something like this.


Monday 20th of November 2017

Such a useful device. Technology has come such a long way


Monday 20th of November 2017

Water problems can be such a headache. I never thought about practicing the act of shutting off the main - great tip!

Liz Mays

Monday 20th of November 2017

Ah, this is super important! I wouldn't want a leak to get out of hand before I even know about it!

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