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8 Brilliant Products for the Home

We are always on the lookout for smart and unique products for the home that make our lives more convenient, organized, or just simply a better way to do our everyday tasks. These 8 brilliant products for the home are making it easier to find what we need, clean what we own, live in a smart and connected home, and take care of ourselves while we’re at it.

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own. 

8 Brilliant Products for the Home Brilliant Items for the Home

8 Brilliant Products for the Home

8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 05353

Cleaning has never been smarter than with the help of Force of Nature. This innovative cleaning product turns regular tap water into a powerful cleaning solution by adding salt and vinegar creating electrolyzed water. The result is as powerful as bleach and can be used on just about every surface! Use it to clean mirrors with a streak-free finish, clean wood, grout, laminates, fabrics, even knock out odors in shoes and trash cans! The Force of Nature Starter Kit includes an activator base and power cord, 12 oz spray bottle, and 5 activator capsules – enough to make 5 bottles of cleaning solution! With Force of Nature,  you’ll save a ton over the leading cleaners with an all-natural cleaning solution that costs just 7¢ per ounce where other popular brands cost 19¢ and upward per ounce! Learn more about Force of Nature and how this scientifically proven cleaning solution works on their website.


8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 05542

Keeping our kids safe from technology is essential for parents to be thinking about. Circle with Disney takes out the guesswork and confusion with an easy to use hub and app that protect the devices connected to your home Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to choose which devices to control and set appropriate hours of the time and time limits for specific apps creating the custom solution you need for your home. One really cool feature is the ability to pause their connection with a single click. Time for dinner and the kids are ignoring you? Just hit pause on the devices to turn off the Wi-Fi connection. Circle with Disney also gives parents a look at how different devices are using the internet with tracking and comparison tools by app, sites, or categories.


8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 05430

The destination for getting your organizing fix is Thirty-One Gifts! They have the cutest styles and they are easy to personalize to make your bins and totes fit exactly the needs of your space. One of our favorites is the Your Way Rectangle Bins. They come with either a window opening or a chalkboard opening (depending on the pattern selected) that makes it a cinch to know exactly what’s inside. You can add optional lids to keep out dust and extra clutter. These bins are just perfect for organizing extras in a closet. Like here we have one bin for each: tank tops, extra socks, one for nylons and slips, and a bin just for scarves. With Thirty-One Gifts you can coordinate your bins across their collection. Add a Fold-Up Family Organizer or Fold N File in the same print to organize the paper collection and extra accessories.


8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 05539

Give your home an all-over clean with the nugeni STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System. This single cleaning appliance can vacuum and steam clean your whole home with the flexibility of a handheld or upright tool that can be transitioned in seconds. In vacuum mode, you’ll be able to move easily around the home with the cordless and lightweight STEVA+ to tackle stairs, nooks and crannies, to blinds and vents. Then, switch it over to the corded steam mop or try it with one of the steamer accessories to clean every area of your home with the power of steam cleaning. I love the space saving of having a steamer and a vacuum in one with the ability to simply transition the system to meet my current needs rather than storing several separate large cleaning tools for each different need and job. Because it’s so lightweight and portable it’s easy to use in every area of my home.


8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 06071

Give your home piece of art that everyone will be talking about! LightBoxArts is an easy-to-change 6″ cube frame. It is back-lit with frame that is so easy to change out the art for the seasons or just for a change of scenery. They have hundreds of really cute designs to choose from or you can even have your favorite Instagram photo printed and displayed with back-lighting for a completely personalized look! LightBoxArts are just $25 for a frame and art print, then you can easily add extra artwork for just $12/each, including the customized art for the same low price. We’re loving LightBoxArts as a nightlight around the home.


8 Brilliant Products for the Home Fall Fashion RU 06089

The way we monitor our health and fitness is taking a smarter approach with the Nokia Body smart scale. It’s the most affordable smart scale on the market and gives you instant feedback on your goals each time you step on the scale. You can customize the display to show your weight tracking, BMI index, even a daily weather report so you can better plan for your day ahead. You can pair the app with one of your other fitness apps to sync your goals and show your current step count for the day and other insights. The Nokia Body scale looks great in our home and the weather feature is so smart – it makes an easy transition from the scale to the closet to plan our day. You can take the insights even further with a Nokia Steel – an activity tracker that is designed into a watch for a multi-function and stylish design. The second dial on the watch face shows your step progress throughout the day to motivate you to get moving!


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Updating your light switches around your home is a simple solution that can make a big impact! The Lutron Occupancy/Vacancy sensors can be set up to to turn on automatically whenever you walk into the room or turn off when no motion is detected. We’re using Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors all over the home to make it hands-free and easy to enter many rooms in our home. We’ll set up the switches to turn on and off automatically in rooms like the laundry room and bathrooms. In my kids’ bedrooms we’ll set the switch to vacancy which lets you turn on the light like a normal switch, but the light will shut-off automatically when no motion is sensed during a set amount of time. It’s so helpful to help keep the lights off when not in use, especially where our kids tend to leave them on when they leave the room.


Perfect Slice Bakeware for portion controlDo you stink at cutting up desserts? How many pans have you ruined trying to cut up and serve a dish you made? Perfect Slice Bakeware creates the ultimate solution to wonky cut up portions and scratched up pans. The thick outer edge makes it easier to remove the pans in and out of the oven. The edge has measurement marks to help you easily follow along for perfectly straight cuts and portion control. Each Perfect Slice pan comes with its own cutting tool that won’t scratch up your pan but is perfectly sized to reach across the entire width. Making sure you get exact, neat cuts every time.

What’s your favorite of these brilliant items to add to your home? 

valmg @ Mom Knows It All

Wednesday 29th of November 2017

You have some neat items there. The Light Box art would be neat to see at night. Circle with Disney would be great for folks with children starting to go online.

diane hoffmaster

Wednesday 29th of November 2017

LOVE the nugeni STEVA+ Complete Cleaning System! I have been wanting to get a steam cleaner for a while now!

Desiree Lopez

Tuesday 28th of November 2017

The things you show here would actually make great gift ideas. The Nokia Body Smart Scale is a gift I would actually love to have for myself.


Tuesday 28th of November 2017

I love that Disney is offering a home router. Being able to instantly pause the kids' connections is something I wish we had!

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