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Campfire Gather Round with S’mores!

There’s nothing quite like a campfire in the summertime.  We don’t get to enjoy as many of them as we’d like to, living in Phoenix, but during a cooler evening earlier this summer, we gathered the boys and invited a few friends over to enjoy a CAMPFIRE GATHER ROUND in the backyard, complete with barbecue, S’mores and games.

5 Campfire Gather Round Tips!

  1. Our CAMPFIRE GATHER ROUND with the kids created some natural teaching moments – how to build and start a fire, how to practice fire safety (which is especially important during these dry, hot Phoenix summers!) and, of course, how to roast the perfect marshmallow.
  2. Remember, you don’t need to go camping to have a campfire.  We started our fire in the decorative firepit in our backyard and enjoyed some bonding time with family and a few friends on a beautiful summer evening.
  3. When we have time, though, my family loves camping and everything that goes with it – including all of the fun activities around the campfire, like singing and telling stories. My boys think sleeping in a tent and playing in the dirt are both great fun!
  4. One great thing about having a CAMPFIRE GATHER ROUND? The food!  If you can skewer it, you can roast it.  We enjoyed some tasty barbecued treats, all topped off with our favorite campfire dessert – S’mores oozing with HERSHEY’S chocolate.  Our friends brought over massive marshmallows for the S’mores, which made it extra fun for the kids.
  5. When the evening winds down, remember to put out your fire safely so it doesn’t re-ignite.  Let the wood burn down, pour lots of water on it, and make sure everything is wet and cold to the touch before walking away from your fire.

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Our Campfire Gather Round!

Hershey's S'mores Campfire Gather Round

My boys have long equated S’mores with camping as it has become a family tradition. They know that every time we go camping, they will get to roast marshmallows and create their own S’mores. Creating an at home campout in our own backyard was really fun for the boys! When I told them we would be making S’mores for dessert they looked at me surprised and asked, “Are we going camping?” We didn’t go camping but we didn’t get to enjoy a fun evening with friends and a special treat in our own backyard fire pit!

Hershey's S'mores Campfire Gather Round

We started up the fire and within just a few minutes we had nice big flames and we were ready to get started! We used our roasting poles we always bring camping which let us stay back from the heat of the flame but still get our marshmallows nice and hot. They toasted pretty quick and in just a few minutes our treats were ready to serve! You can see, all my boys were excited and enjoyed their S’mores!

Hershey's S'mores Campfire Gather Round

My favorite memory from the evening was watching boys excitement as they gathered around and had their turn to roast a marshmallow. They were all so excited that they could enjoy the treat from home for once. My personal favorite “perk” – I got to go home from “camping” in the backyard to sleep in my own bed!

Disclosure: I receive a gift card to purchase supplies for my Hershey’s S’mores party and a stipend for participating. Opinions expressed above are my own.

Mary Dailey

Thursday 20th of September 2012

I can remember when the big thing was to just toast marshmallows on a stick when we went camping. S'more are even better than that!

Danielle SG

Saturday 15th of September 2012

Perfect tips! Thanks so much!

Christopher Sorel

Friday 14th of September 2012

yum I love them with peeps


Thursday 13th of September 2012

Looks and sounds like a great time to me! We will definitely do this activity... Many thanks, Cindi

Stacy Tilton

Friday 7th of September 2012

Looks like you had a lot of fun. We have a fire pit outside too and love to use it for the same thing!

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