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Paul Evans Shoe Review

I received a pair of Paul Evans shoes in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own or the opinions of my husband.

My husband dresses up a lot for work and church and other occasions sometimes, too. He had been telling me that he wanted a nice pair of more formal looking dress shoes that didn’t have a blunt front toe like all the rest of his shoes. When I showed him Paul Evans shoes, they were exactly what he was picturing.

Paul Evans is a luxury men’s footwear company that delivers high quality leather shoes with a matching leather sole and leather lining. They have three beautiful colors to choose from. My husband literally went back and forth looking over the color choices and trying to figure out which color he wanted to try as he really loved all the colors. He decided to go a bit conservative, and selected The Grant style which is a rich brown shoe.

Paul Evans Shoes

Paul Evans is based in New York City, but the shoes are made in Spain and Italy. The founders understand the need to look good and invest in quality shoes, but didn’t like paying $1000 for a pair of shoes like all the competition, so they set up to create top quality shoes and cut out the middleman of a brick and mortar retailer to save the extra expenses to bring a top quality shoe at a much more reasonable price point.

Paul Evans Shoes Review

Here’s what my husband had to say about his the shoes:

When told to pick out a pair of Paul Evans shoes I fawned over the website. I absolutely loved there different styles and choices. I was uncertain about which pair I wanted to try and didn’t really know which would work best with the suits and clothing that I had. They were very informative about which shoe worked well with which colors making it fairly simple for me to decide. They also have a large amount of information on leather shoe care which I found to be extremely helpful.

After placing the order I waited very impatiently for them to arrive. Unfortunately for me they arrived while I was out of town on business. When I finally tried them on they were a little stiff and uncomfortable at first. I’m used to wearing flat shoes while these had a little bit of lift on the heel. I also found that I needed to wear slightly thicker dress socks due to the size of my feet. After putting on some different socks the shoes fit perfectly. That simple fix made these shoes extremely comfortable to wear and to walk in, though they did take a little bit of time for me to get used to due to them having very smooth souls that can slip on smooth surfaces. The shoes look very good and I feel like I look good when wearing them.

You can find Paul Evans shoes available on their website. Keep in mind that the shoes do run a half size large.