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Spend Your Summer at Sea Life Aquarium!

So, I hate Summer. I live in Arizona, so stepping outside is pretty awful. If I go outside at all, I better be in a pool because otherwise I will melt..I’m not joking. Dry heat or not, it’s scorching!  We end up spending a ton of time indoors, at home. Home leads to boredom, which leads to constant bickering. bickering leads to me losing my temper, then no one is happy. So, in a effort to get out of the house, I try to schedule fun things for the kids to do. Surprisingly, one place I never added to the list was Sea Life Aquarium,  and boy were we missing out.

I received tickets to SeaLife Aquarium in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed above are my own. Affiliate links are included in this post. I’ll receive a small commission, at no cost to you, for a purchase made through clicking on a link in this post.

Sea Life Aquarium

Dive into a magical underwater world filled with a dazzling array of amazing creatures. From face-to-face encounters with sharks to a hands-on rock-pool experience, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy at SEA LIFE.  Sea Life throws away the traditional aquarium and gives you curved tanks, tunnels to bring you up close and personnel with amazing sea creatures such as fish, sharks, jelly fish and seahorses.  Sea Life Aquariums are also heavily involved in conservation, research and rescue projects and consider raising awareness of the importance of safeguarding the seas and their inhabitants as one of our major priorities. This is integral to the SEA LIFE experience.

Sea Life AquariumMy girls loved every single second their time at Sea Life Aquarium.  When you walk in, the low lighting and cool temperature gives you an under water feeling.  I relished every moment of cool air. The aquarium has plenty to entertain all ages. If you have an older child,  their is a interactive questions and activities all throughout. For the younger kiddos, they can get their energy out at the end in the play center. My girl’s absolute favorite part was any of the view ports in some of the tanks.  They told me they felt like fish, which explains the fish lips most of the day.  I thought the jelly fish were so delicate and loved being able to feel like I was almost able to touch the beautiful fish.

SEA LIFE Arizona
Sea Life Aquarium has definitely become on of our Summer destinations! Sea Life Arizona is located in the Arizona Mills mall.  Tickets at just over $10.  There are 5 other US locations, and there are a ton of other locations all over the world! Did you know SEA LIFE Aquarium Arizona offers a discounted rate when you book online? Save up to 40%!Spend Your Summer at Sea Life Aquarium! image 4237583 12535564 1464295108000

Grab a copy of our I Spy Printable Aquarium Activity to take with you on your next visit to SEA LIFE!

aquarium I Spy Printable

Have you visited an aquarium?  What was your favorite creature?