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Need a lightweight Stroller Try a City Lite

Since my baby is 18 months old,  I really don’t need a big travel system stroller. I also don’t need a giant stroller taking up all the room in the trunk of my SUV. Nothing is worse than having to shift around a stroller to try to fit all the grocery bags in the trunk.  As soon as she got old enough, I ditched the big stroller and got a smaller lightweight stroller.  It’s an ok stroller,  but it doesn’t have a very smooth ride and it has bars that don’t let me put much underneath. It’s also a bit low to the ground.

City LiteI received a City Mini Stroller in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Light weight strollers meet style and amazing function with the Baby Jogger City Lite. The city mini only weighs about 20 pounds, and features  features patented quick fold technology. Although its not meant for jogging, the City Lite gives you the best features of a jogging stroller including a swivel front wheel that can lock into place for long distance strolling. The padded seat reclines to a near flat position in one step, so your little one can take a real nap! The large adjustable sun canopy has peek a boo windows, an a huge basket underneath.  Maximum weight capacity is 55 lbs, so you can get a ton of use out of it.

Ciy Lite

It took me all of 5 minutes to put the City Lite together. My girls put the wheels on, and with 2 clicks,  the canopy was on and we were ready to roll. The City Lite rides sooo smooth. I am able to push and steer with 2 fingers leaving the other hand free to help the other kids (or text). The first time I took it out I took it to the mall.  It’s a great size, not too bulky or long, so no one got whacked in the ankle, and I didn’t knock any clothes of the rack. At the end of the day, I had my purse and a bunch of bags in the basket, and room to spare.

City Lite

My 2 favorite parts are how easy it folds and that it lays so far back. I hate wrestling with the metal clip on other lightweight strollers. I also feel terrible when my baby looks so uncomfortable sitting up in the stroller while she’s sleeping.

I highly recommend the City Lite, it’s a great lightweight stroller. Perfect for Grandma! City Lite can be purchased online or at retail locations such as Babies R Us.

What do you look for in a lightweight stroller?