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Noreen Kidwai Review

I received Noreen Kidwai Apparel in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Fellow mothers of boys out there can probably relate to this situation: My little guy needs some new clothes and after searching and searching I can’t find anything new or exciting! Just the same old stuff that every other little guy at the park will be sporting because there are only so many options available! I totally understand that my 3-year-old could care less what he is wearing, in fact he would rather not wear anything, but I get really bored with the same old thing all the time. I am always looking for some unique, high-quality pieces to throw in his wardrobe and mix things up.

When I stumbled upon Noreen Kidwai, it was like a breath of fresh, stylish, air! Her unique line of boys clothing is specifically for baby and toddler boys 3-24months. First I was super bummed because my little guy is too big for these awesome options, he would seriously rock her Look At Me Pants, but I immediately thought of my best friends little guy and knew he had to have some of these clothes!


I ordered little Eli the Look At Me Pants in bold Persimmon ARV $75 and the Manhattan sweater ARV $79. I know that bold colors and patterns make people nervous sometimes, but there are so many ways you can mix and match them. They really add some fun to your littles guys choices! These pieces can be paired together for a matching statement look or with some neutrals to tone it down a bit! Personally, I would throw the Manhattan sweater over a button up with some jeans. I would pair the pants, guys these pants are killer, with a t-shirt for a casual look or dress them up with a button up shirt and skinny tie.



Noreen Kidwai’s clothing is so beautifully made and the fabric is beautiful. My favorite thing in the world are the suspenders that come with these pants! They are just too cute! I follow her shop on Facebook and her new line looks like it is going to be just as fabulous! My only regret? The clothes I ordered are a just a little too big for little Eli so I don’t have a picture of him wearing them yet!


Do you have a small boy in your life that needs these super stylish duds?