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Is Traveling Good for Kids? JustFly Answers

Many parents that I personally know dread the idea of long distance travel with their little ones. I’m pretty sure we all know the reason why. Kids can be — nay — kids ARE unpredictable. Toddlers, especially. These little versions of ourselves can either be lovable bundles of joy one second and turn into a screaming ball of tears, snot, and other unglamorous substances.


Not only that, but preparing you’re trip with your little kids is a complicated ordeal in itself. From diapers and extra clothing (a LOT of extra clothing), to toys and sunscreen, you may notice that your little kid’s bags are several kilos heavier than all your bags combined.

Do not, however, put off traveling until your little kid is old enough to take care of himself/herself. Lots of parents already bring their 2 year olds along with them. Today, online travel agency JustFly will show you the benefits of traveling with your kids.

1. It makes them more adaptable

To be able to raise kids that have the ability to adapt to new environment, nothing works better than actually taking them to new places. This may be a cliche, but teaching children to be versatile will turn them into better adults.

Children’s minds are extremely malleable. This is because their prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for personality, behavior, and memory, is still under development. This allows kids to be more teachable than any other age group.

2. Traveling teaches kids about patience

It may come as a surprise to learn that it is not only you who will be improving your patience when traveling with a child. Kids who travel will also learn how to control their temperament better than those who don’t. With a lot of help from you, of course.

Kids are naturally restless creatures, when strapped to a seat for several hours, however, they will be forced to learn to wait. They will learn crying or complaining will not always get them what they want.

3. It teaches them about diversity

Teaching kids about cultural awareness and diversity is one of the best things you can offer not only to your child but to the society as a whole. According to Phyllis A. Katz, a professor from University of Colorado, babies as young as six months old have been proven to stare at pictures of people with different skin color as their parents. This proves that even babies are aware of difference in race and appearance.

The earlier you tell them about cultural and racial diversity, the more respectful they will be of the different customs and traditions of the world.

4. Traveling can improve your child’s academic performance

According to a ten-year study regarding kids who studied abroad have academic performance when they returned home. This just proves that traveling is just as good — if not better — at stimulating children’s brains as traditional teaching methods.

5. Traveling brings your family closer together

This one is already quite obvious. Families who travel have strong bonds. Leaving your home to see new, faraway places forces the entire family to work together to ensure that nothing goes wrong. The experiences that all members share will become memories that all family members will fondly look back on, and that in itself is truly priceless.

With the help of JustFly, you can reap the benefits of traveling with your little kids! Gone are the days when flight booking is a tedious task. On your next family trip, why not try them out? You may check out the JustFly reviews here for more info about the company. Travel safe and travel happy!


Tuesday 30th of August 2016

Traveling is soooo important. We do it every chance we get... I love to hear our kids talk about all the memories and places they have been.

Allie D.

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

We have been traveling with our daughter since she was three months. She has never had an issue with traveling, and if anything, she has been a quick learner.

Brett Beyer

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

On numbers 3 and 4 (diversity and increases in academia), I couldn't agree more. I feel so stunted when we can't get out and see new places and see how the people there live. And my sister (who lives in Pennsylvania) takes her kids to local historical sites to teach them about our national heritage. They learn more from that one day trip than they could learn in a full semester at school.


Tuesday 30th of August 2016

I am a firm believer in traveling with kids. I think my kids have gotten a much better look at the world through our vacations and are more likely to be open minded about other cultures and styles of living.

Ellen Christian

Tuesday 30th of August 2016

I think it depends on the child and the type of travel. There certainly can be benefits!

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