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12 Easy Beach Hacks for Families

Going to the beach is something families have been enjoying for ages. The sun, the sand, and all that water! You can spend a whole day on the beach having a blast but there are always ways to make it better. I’ve compiled this list of easy beach hacks to ensure your family’s trip is the best it can be!

I was treated to a complimentary press trip and accommodations to learn about Puddle Jumpers and Coleman products. I received sample products. All opinions are my own based on my own use with the products. 

Easy Beach Hacks for Families

Sun & Sand Beach Hacks

1. Wear a rash guard – Swim shirt rash guards come with a UVA/UVB protection and make it so much quicker to apply sunscreen with less skin exposed. You’ll be ready for the sun in half the time!

Also, make sure you wear a really good sunscreen that’s going to keep all your exposed skin protected – even when your coming in and out of the water. We were protected all day with just one application of Sol Sunguard. It worked wonders!

2. Be prepared for sunburns – Being out in the sun all day, even with using sunscreen, you run the risk of someone in the family getting a bit of a burn when they miss a spot. Bring along apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, which will bring instant relief, or freeze some aloe in an ice cube tray. Rubbing those cool aloe cubes over a burn will feel great.

3. Take a tent along with you – A tent can provide shelter and protection from harmful UV rays and a place for the kids to relax – or even nap – during the beach trip!

coleman-tentA child’s sized tent is a really great lightweight option to allow little ones to nap, and take a break from the sun. Great for lunch time break, too.


Photo Credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

Or pick a sun shade like this Coleman Hatteras Fast Pitch Shade. It can provide all the protection and privacy you’ll crave at the beach. Zip up the privacy door for a quick change into or out of your wet swimming suits, and lay the door open for easy in and out access. Coleman also offers a Fast Pitch Darkroom tent that blocks out 98% of dawn and dusk light and provides the ultimate in sunlight blockage.

4. Easy ways to remove sand – Bring along a couple buckets and keep clean water in them. This is perfect for when kids are finished playing in the sand and want to eat. Also, have a small bottle of baby powder with you. When you’re packing up and ready to ride home, sprinkle a little baby powder on everyone and the sand will wipe right off!


Easy Hacks for Fun at the Beach

5. Bring along a kiddie pool – This may sound silly seeing you’re going to the beach, but it’s actually a great idea if you have small children. You’ll be able to keep them close to where you’re sitting on the beach and they’ll still be able to enjoy splashing around in the water.

6. Come prepared with games you can play on the beach – Sure, swimming and making sandcastles can entertain some for hours, but let’s be honest, you’re likely to hear ‘I’m bored’ from your kiddos at some point in the day. Look up some fun ideas for games that require little supplies but will keep the kids having fun.

7. Use frozen water balloons as ice packs in your cooler – They’re perfect for keeping your food and drinks cold all day, but once they’ve melted and are just regular water balloons again, you’ve got yourself a fun activity for the family!

8. Bring home sand or seashells to make keepsakes – Taking elements of the beach is a great way for your kids to enjoy their beach adventure even at home. You can turn sand into a fun beach themed play dough. Seashells you can do all kinds of fun things with – paint them, add them to sensory bins, or use them to decorate.


Beach Hacks that Protect

9. Don’t forget life jackets – An absolute essential, that is often overlooked for trips to the beach, is making sure you tote along life jackets and Puddle Jumpers for your whole crew. It only takes a second for a bigger wave to roll in an wipe out your child that was playing only ankle deep.

stearns life jacket

10. Waterproof your gadgets – Whether it’s your phone, tablet, camera, or ipod – make sure you store them in a waterproof case. It’s a great idea to bring your camera to the beach so you can capture your memories, but take precautions, as water can ruin everything. SealLine Blocker is a super easy way to protect your gear. Just add your valuables inside, roll down the edge several times to create that seal, then clip to secure.

Seal Line

11. Protect your valuables – A lot of people worry about their belongings being stolen on the beach. Try hiding your items in objects that people might pass on by. Wrap everything up in a diaper – hardly anyone is going to rummage through what they think is a poop filled diaper. The wrapper from a maxi pad works well too!

12. Pack Your Camping Chairs – Bringing along camping chairs might feel like one area to skip. But bringing camping chairs will make everyone more comfortable and will mean a lot less sand in everything you tote along! With everyone sitting up off the sand, you won’t find sand kicked up onto the towels or mats you normally would have brought along. Save the towels for drying off and bring the chairs in place of mats!

coleman camping chair


From Our Recent Beach Trip

We got to hit the beach in beautiful Florida in April and learn more about Puddle Jumpers, Stearns, Coleman and other great products perfect for all of our upcoming summer adventures. One of the highlights of the trip was wakesurfing!

puddle jumpers tripEven my son, at just 5, got to try it out and even got up for a few seconds! It was so much fun. He was comfortable giving it a try because of his Puddle Jumper Child Hydroprene Vest. It had an amazing fit and kept him comfortable throughout the day while being able to play. Even when he fell while trying out surfing, he stayed afloat until the boat swung back around to pick him up without any struggle.


Photo Credit: Luke Sydow, Coleman

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Bonus hack – almost all of our beach trip hacks can double up for your summer camping trips as well. What fun family adventures do you have planned for this summer?

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Julie Wood

Tuesday 14th of June 2016

Taking a tent is such a good idea because the kids can stay in the tent on the beach and not get burned and have shade. I will be doing this.


Saturday 11th of June 2016

I never even though of all of these beach hacks, thanks for sharing! I really need one of those tents that work for the beach!


Friday 10th of June 2016

#8 is a definite for us. I buy a whole box of gallon ziplock bags because my daughter brings all her friends back a bag of beach sand and shells and then gets some for her art projects as well.

Rachael Yerkes

Thursday 9th of June 2016

We totally do the tent one! These are such great ideas!

Stacie Vaughan

Thursday 9th of June 2016

Thanks for the great beach hacks. We have a family beach day coming up. I will have to freeze some water balloons to take with us.

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