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Our Home Theater System

I received a Subwoofer in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. 

My dad is obsessed with bigger and better TV’s and is always on the hunt to improve his own home theater system. He decided it was time to upgrade to a projector, because his then 60″ TV screen was just too small.

He bought a nice 3D projector and projection screen but when he finally went to set it all up in his home, he had finally gone TOO big. The 120″ screen he selected overhung his wall by about a half an inch on each side and looked extremely over powering for his space. My house, however, had the perfect wall! When I went over to check out his new setup, I was ready to help him out. We bought the system from him and headed over to our home to set it up.

Home Theater

Now, I have a very awkwardly shaped and sized living room that is long and skinny and we have always fought with the room to have a layout we love. Once we mounted the projector screen to the wall, everything else fell into place. We were able to move around our seating to be more open and accommodating and everything fits our room perfectly. Best of all, it’s like we have our own personal movie theater right in our family room. My dad had a speaker system he was able to pass on to us from his upgrade and it gives us great sound, but we were missing one important element, a subwoofer. Without a subwoofer to give us those big booms and make the movies come to life, they felt a bit lifeless.

Home Theater Subwoofer, formerly, has just about everything you could need for your home electronic needs. So, it just made sense to check there. They had lots of different subwoofers to choose from and we eventually decided on one that would fit our space and needs. We went with the Theater Soultions SUB10F Subwoofer. It came assembled and ready to go, so adding it to our home theater system just meant getting the audio cable to it and we were good to go.

I was immediately impressed with what a difference having a subwoofer made for the sound and quality of the movie watching experience. It has really made our own personal home theater complete.

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