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Raisels Flavored Raisins Review

Raisels are fun, flavored raisins that are a healthy alternative to candy. They are the first 100% real fruit snack that actually tastes like candy. They come in four fun flavors: Sour Apple, Sour Orange, Sour Lemon, and Sour Peach. They also have a 5th flavor, Watermelon, that will be coming soon. We got a chance to try out Raisels flavored raisins and will share our thoughts in this review!

Raisels Flavored Raisins Review

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We were able to try their 4 current flavors. I’m personally not a huge raisin fan so I wasn’t sure what I would think of them. My 4 year old though loves raisins, and will even choose raisins over cookies and crackers!

The Raisels though are shaped just like raisins and are chewy and the same base taste as a raisin. Then there is a fun fruity, sour first taste to them. Some of the bites I had were pretty good, while others I ended up feeling like the aftertaste was really weird as it just didn’t go with the first taste.

My boys seem to like them okay, and ask for them on most days, but they never seem to finish a whole box. I think we all liked the Apple flavor best!

Where to Find Raisels Raisins

While there is sugar in Raisels, 90% of the sugar is natural occurring and their number one ingredient is raisins! There is 19x more sugar found in a bag of skittles or 17x more found in a 12 can of Coca Cola! You can find Raisels in Walgreens, Target and several other locations.

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They are available in stores locally and they come in a 5 pack of 1.25 oz boxes which are great for portion control. You can also find Raisels on Amazon! These snacks are rich in antioxidants, fat free, cholesterol free, and packed with Vitamin C. They have NO Sodium, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners!

*I received 5 packages of Raisels for free to keep in order to try the product and form an opinion for this review. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on Raisels’ site. Actual experience may vary. Affiliate links are included in this post.


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Thank you


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My oldest daughter loves [email protected]


Friday 4th of March 2011

The Raisels sound yummy. :-)


Friday 4th of March 2011

My grandson loves blackberries--of course they are way behind chocolate, but you did say healthy. My granddaughter, who hates chocolate, loves strawberries above all else. iridia718 at gmail dot com

Denise S.

Thursday 3rd of March 2011

My kids like apple slices.lazybones344 at gmail dot com

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