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Happy and Healthy Skin

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Is there anything better on earth than the skin of a newborn? It is so smooth and perfect, and don’t get me started on the way that they smell. The smell of a newborn is intoxicating. But what happens when that skin starts to give your sweet baby trouble as they grow up?


I suffer from eczema, so does my husband, my kids really didn’t stand a chance in the skin department. Just as I expected, all three of them have the most sensitive skin. I can tell pretty quickly when I have used the wrong soap when washing their clothing because their skin reacts right away. But, over the last five years I have learned a thing or two about taking care of their skin. Here are my tips for keeping that skin baby soft and healthy!


Skip the Bath– WHAT!? Yup, I said it. Your kids don’t need a bath every single night. Unless your kid rolls in mud every afternoon, chances are they can skip the nightly bath and take a few days off in between. It does wonders for dry skin.

Moisturize– This tip seems pretty obvious but not all lotions, creams, and moisturizers are created equal. I always try to look for non-alcohol-based moisturizer. My pediatrician told me to remember that ointments are usually better than creams, which are usually better than lotions, when it comes to dry skin. I always apply it right after my kids get out of the bath, when their skin is still a little wet. It helps them retain some of the moisture. Reapply throughout the day in trouble areas, for my kids it is always their hands and face. Always use sunscreen!


Humidifier– Run a cool mist humidifier in your child’s room, especially during the winter. Running the heater in your house really sucks all the moisture out of the air.

Clothing– Fabrics are not all created equal. Stiff, scratchy fabrics can easily irritate, and sometimes the fabric is soft and comfy but the tags are itchy and horrible. If i notice the tags on certain items are bugging my kids, I just remove them with a seam ripper.  Make sure the detergent that you use to do laundry is mild and free from dyes and chemicals.


Face– My kid’s cheeks seem to be the spots that are the most sensitive. They react to certain foods, plus they are always being wiped clean. I keep a tube of petroleum jelly in my bag and apply it to their lips and cheeks as often as they will let me. It goes on clear and you don’t notice it is there, but it creates a barrier between their skin and the things that harm it. Get to know your child and what bothers their skin specifically. For mine, anything with cinnamon sugar on the outside irritates the skin around their mouths like crazy. They break out in a rash. I try to avoid treats with that topping or just make sure to keep it off their face as much as possible.

Use A Mild Cleanser– When you do give your kids a bath, steer clear of bubble bath and stick with a mild cleanser. Choosing the right product for your child can make a huge difference in the condition of their skin. Using a harsh soap will strip skin of its essential nutrients.


I have been using the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar on my kids and I love it, it is proven to be more gentle and mild than soap. It is dye-free and can be used with eczema and even with infants as young as 2-months. The Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar contains DEFI technology, a unique blend of mild cleansers, and 1⁄4 moisturizing cream to cleanse and keep skin soft and smooth. It is the the #1 Dermatologist and Pediatrician recommended bar.


I am so happy with the way this bar cleanses and keeps my whole family’s skin healthy and clean. Plus, my kids love chasing the bar around the tub.

What do you do to keep your kid’s skin soft, healthy, and smooth?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Olga Parker

Sunday 21st of February 2016

I also love Dove soap but my skin is so much dry that it doesn't help and I still need to use ointments and cremes after shower.

Olga Parker

Sunday 21st of February 2016

The tips you shared are really helpful, my skin is dry but not so much sensitive. My husband has a normal skin and kids have 50*50, but still I also try to find the most soft and mild oitnments and creams. Thank you for sharing your expereince )))

Amy Desrosiers

Friday 19th of February 2016

My children also depend on this soap to keep them rash free. Love Dove!


Thursday 18th of February 2016

Thanks for the tips! My kids' skin is really sensitive and these should help!

Lisa Bristol

Thursday 18th of February 2016

Dove is a fantastic product. My kids love to have baths and play in the bubbles. I know Dove will not dry out their skin.

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