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What Love is and Means to Children

Discovering what love is and means for your children, spouse, friends and family can help you to build a deeper connection with them. We all give and receive love so differently that it is important to take the time to realize what those close to you consider love to be and what they are seeking to receive from you back to see that you care. I have four little boys and they each have a different idea about what love is to them. Here’s a fun look at what love means to kids.

How Kids View Love

To my 6 year old, love is…

being allowed to play video games allll day long. Once every few months my husband and I will just feel like having a lazy Saturday and we will give the kids the okay, too, to play video games or watch movies longer than we usually let them. My six year old is in absolute heaven when he can play games. To him, video game playing time = love.

To my 4 year old, love is…

Love is Fruit Kebabs

active and imaginative play! I had so many endearing words said to me while building fruit kebabs you’d think I was the best mom ever! He told me phrases including: “This is the most AWESOME DAY!”, “Mom I love you for making these for us”, “Let’s have these EVERY day!” and on and on. I was seriously busting up at his expressions since we eat cut fruit frequently but not with such a display with all the choices. Really, he is so “boy” that he loved the skewers which were just like a sword in his mind and building something, too.

To my 2 year old, love is…

Love is Hugs & Kisses

Hugs and kisses! He is my love bug always snuggling up next to me and sharing hugs and kisses with me. But come bedtime, if he doesn’t get his hug and a kiss, he is beyond devastated until we do!

To my 5 month old, love is…

How Kids See Love - A Mom's Take

Snuggling next to mom. He loves to be held and be close to me no matter what I’m doing. He’s just starting to grow out of the fall asleep on me anywhere stage but he still loves a good nap beside me or on my lap.


Lessons Learned on What Love Is

I think each of my children have been able to show me a little bit about what love really is. Their view of love may be simplistic at this point but there are lessons we can learn from the things children yearn for at different ages. My six year old’s need to be independent and do the things he enjoys without having to always seek permission is one such lesson. As adults, we too want the people around us to show us love and support in our hobbies and ambitions. We want those loving us to trust us to make life decisions, even if they may be different than what someone else may think is best for us.

My four year old expresses the need to play together. Getting involved in the things your spouse, children, or friends most enjoy even if it’s just as a cheerleader on the sidelines show you care. My two year old displays the need of physical touch and expressions of love. He needs me to literally show him I care. It can be easy to forget that those we care about need a hug, someone to hold their hand, or other physical expressions of love. Finally, my infant shows me that he just needs time with me. It doesn’t matter what I may be doing or why, as long as he is with me he is always happy.


What is love to you?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.


Friday 26th of April 2013

I loved reading about your sweet kids!! I've never ever tried Mike & Ikes but now I'm kind of craving them. Is that even possible?

Kimberly Hilbert

Friday 26th of April 2013

I never understood the Mike & Ike's marketing gimmick. I didn't like it. I felt it was uncomfortable and didn't give me a good feeling about the brand.

Your comments on Love were precious, though.

michelle oakley warner

Friday 26th of April 2013

awwwe great pics and great post, love is a wonderful thing, kids need so much of it and so do we as adults but show it less, great post

Michelle AthriftyDiva Cantu

Friday 5th of April 2013

Aww, sweet boys. I have three boys too. I love strawberry everything totally need to try these.

Dawn Lopez

Thursday 4th of April 2013

Awww, I loved reading about what love means to your kiddos. So cute!

Yum, I need to try those Mike & Ikes! Looks delish!

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