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Creative Ways to Document Baby’s First Year

Glancing at my 37 week pregnant belly, I can’t help but have a million “baby thoughts” running through my mind. Welcoming baby number two into the world, I want to make sure that I savor every moment of motherhood – remembering the small details of every day. I’ve realized that in order to help me relive these special memories, documentation is key. Check out these creative ways to document baby’s first year.

Creative Ways to Document Baby’s First Year

Photo Credit: Jamie Harper

Photo Credit: Jamie Harper

1. Journaling – I am extremely glad that my mother taught me the importance of keeping a personal journal. I love going back and reading entries surrounding my pregnancy with my son, his birth story, etc. What a great way to record family history!

2. Monthly photos – Take comparison monthly photos of your child. At the end of their first year, create a collage of your monthly photos – you’ll be amazed just how quickly they grow. Click HERE for free milestone months printables.


3. Calendar of events – Designate a calendar for each child. Record special daily events as they occur – first time trying solid foods, first tooth, rolling over for the first time, etc.

4. Monthly letters – Write a monthly letter to your child recording special milestones, events, thoughts, and advice.

5.  A line a day – Get a notebook and make it a goal to write at least one sentence a day documenting things you wish to always remember. This only takes a matter of minutes and helps record memories for a lifetime.

baby book

6. Hand prints – Be sure to make a copy of your little one’s footprints/hand prints. Find creative ways to display these prints; this Seasons of Love Handprint art project is a fun way to capture your growing child’s hand prints.


7. Baby book – If nothing else, keep an old fashioned baby book!

8. Video – Video tape life’s special moments – on the way to the hospital, first few seconds of life, first bath, etc. On your child’s first birthday, compile all videos together for a year of memories.

9. Photos – Be sure to capture your child’s year of firsts through photos – the baby bump, newborn photos, first holidays, first smile, sibling meet and greet, first time seeing the ocean, first plane ride, favorite stuffed animals/blankets, first steps, trying solid food for the first time, playing with friends, first birthday, etc.

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

Photo Credit: Lindsey Barker

10. Announcements – An extremely fun way to capture and share the birth of a new child is by sending loved ones birth announcements. After all, what good are pictures if they just sit on your computer screen?

Minted offers a wide variety of birth announcements fitting for every newborn’s little personality. With Tiny Print’s ability to customize trim, paper, and format, recording your baby’s birth has never been easier (or so stylish). Browsing through Tiny Print’s various modern designs, my only concern is having to choose just one print – they are all ADORABLE! I mean, check out some of these designs:

birth announcement

baby announcement

Minted truly does it right! What a creative way to share birth details through a collage of photos and events. Be sure to visit Minted for all of your birth announcement needs.

I received compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

How do you enjoy capturing events from your child’s life?

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