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Guest Post: Fun Baking Activities With Kids

Baking with kids can be a lot of fun as well as a great way to teach kids about food, and learning to feel comfortable in the kitchen. There are so many ideas and recipes that children of all ages can do. Baking is a fantastic way for kids to use their imaginations and be inventive. You can create a new recipe, or spice up an old one but allowing kids to help out will ensure it will be fun and interesting.

Cookies are a very traditional treat to make with kids, but what kind of cookies and how they may be decorated can allow for endless options. Plain sugar cookies make a wonderful blank canvas for kids to use icing or decorating pens to draw and write on; and they are easy to make too. You could bring some smaller candies to use for eyes, mouths, or other decorations like using candy corn as tail feathers on holiday turkey cookies. Making sandwiches from peanut butter cookies, ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies or braiding two different types of cookie dough to make a new cookie can be fun ways to mix up traditional recipes.

Cupcakes and cake pops have actually become trendy baked goods that can be easy and enjoyable to make with the kids at home. Cupcakes can be made as individual treats, or even given a decorative design that brings them all together as one big picture, animal, or other artistic creation. Cake pops are cool because they are bite sized pieces of cake that kids can make and enjoy on their own instead of a larger, more cumbersome layered cake. By checking out the brownie pops at Proflowers you can get so many ideas of how to decorate these fun pops with your kids.

Sweet treats aren’t the only ways to have unique baking fun with children, crescent rolls can be used to make mini meals the kids can grab any time. Adding some peperoni and a part of a string cheese stick you can make homemade peperoni rolls. Little sausages, ham and cheese, or virtually any filling can either be rolled up into a crescent or the crescent can be folded and pinched like a little package. Mini sandwiches, Sloppy Joes, or veggie and fruit filled crescent rolls can be made and even frozen if you want to save them to enjoy another time.

Whether you want to make some sweet treats, or snacks and mini meals for later, baking in the kitchen with kids can be a lot of fun. Baking lets kids open up their minds and have fun, all while creating some awesome memories to last a lifetime.

Disclosure: Consideration was given for the editing and publishing of this article by Jenna Smith.