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How to keep the cost of your wedding down

People tend to want to make their wedding one of the most special days of their lives, but it isn’t always necessary to spend a fortune trying to make it so. Such occasions are rarely cheap – with the average expenditure thought to be around £20,000 – but in the long run it’s perhaps more important that you don’t put yourself in to a difficult financial situation. So how can you keep down costs?

Try not to borrow more than you need to

It seems obvious enough to suggest that people should not borrow more than they can realistically afford to pay back within a reasonable timeframe, but it isn’t always as easy to achieve. Costs tend to stack up quickly and if you’ve failed to plan out a strict budget then it is easy to spend more than you anticipated. If you do use a credit card then look for one with a low interest rate and ensure you keep up with repayments. Try to take advantage of 0% promotions if possible.

Prioritise the essentials

Before you start spending it’s wise to make a list of things that are absolutely essential for your big day, such as the venue, rings, cake and the all-important dress. This will then allow you to see how much is left over for expenditure on other aspects that you might like such as a photographer, hire cars and so on. It is also a good idea to call in favours from friends, family and associates who may be able to provide their services for a low cost or – better still – free, which means you can keep your credit card in your wallet.

Consider when you tie the knot

Many people like to get married at the weekend and during the summer, so naturally the competition, not to mention costs for venues can be high. With this in mind, it might be worth considering getting married at another point during the year or – if your heart is set on the supposedly warmer months – then settling for a weekday. Providing you give your guests enough notice, it shouldn’t prove too much of a problem for them to take the time off work if necessary.

Seek out second-hand or clearance items

Finding the right dress can be a tricky, not to mention expensive, business. However, savvy individuals could find they are able to find their ideal item at a drastically reduced price if they choose to go second hand. With most dresses only ever being worn once, there are some great quality bargains to be had. Those who desperately want a new frock might prefer to see what they can find at an outlet store, or their online equivalents, as they often sell low-price, end-of-line items.

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