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Review of uCertify’s online Prep-engine for 70-516 CSHARP Exam

uCertify is providing an excellent learning platform for students as well as for Mentors. Individuals can buy uCertify PrepKits to prepare for their exams and mentors can also buy the license from uCertify for their class. Mentors can give assignments to their students and track the progress of their students.ucertify PrepKits

If you are a teacher, you can buy uCertify PrepKit for your students. It is very helpful for individuals also. I have reviewed the 70-516 CSHARP PrepKit. It includes 348 total questions including 148 quizzes, eBook, 570 study notes, and 4 Practice Tests.

The PrepKit has many more features like:

  • Practice test
  • Quizzes
  • Flash card
  • E-book
  • Analytics, Progress report
  • Study Planner

You can take tests in 3 different modes: test, learn, or review. Test Mode allows you to take practice test same as real exam. Learn Mode allows you to see the explanations of the question immediately after clicking on the ‘learn’ option. While Review Mode allows you to see the explanations with questions, you do not need to answer the questions.

You can check the Analytics Report to see the ‘Test History’, your progress, and you can map out your study plan and get help on staying track through ‘Study Planner’.

The eBook included in the PrepKit is a chapter by chapter study guide which will help you to understand the concepts in a better way. It includes description of each topic covered in the exam. You can also take the test of a particular chapter by clicking on the option of ‘Practice’.

ucertify PrepKits

It also provides you a ‘Certificate of Completion’ when your readiness report reach to 90% or more than that.

After reviewing whole PrepKit, I can conclude that uCertify’s online learning platform is quite informative and easy to use.  It is recommendable to use uCertify PrepKit if you want to be fully prepared for any IT certification exam.

ucertify PrepKits

If you are confused about certifications and you do not have any idea which certification is suitable for you. You can take help of the ‘Course Advisor’ given on uCertify’s website. It suggests you a best suitable certification for you according to your educational background, years of experience, and technology, etc. You can check the course advisor from this link:

Disclosure: This is a guest post. The opinions stated above are that of the author. I received a uCertify prepkit in exchange for hosting this article. 


Wednesday 7th of November 2012

What a fantastic program! I love all of the tools it offers to help with learning. Especially since each tool helps cement the information differently. Thanks so much for this review!

sandy weinstein

Tuesday 6th of November 2012

i think this is an excellent teaching program....wish i had something like this when i was growing up

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