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How to Throw an Impressive New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve Parties are always one of the biggest events of the season. Really because people want to end and start the new year off the right way. See to it that they do with a fun, impressive holiday party that delights and dazzles. Here are some tips to do so:

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How to Throw an Impressive New Year’s Eve Party

How to throw Impressive New Year's Eve Party


Don’t expect to have to feed a crowd of people on an empty stomach. However, if you’re doing hors d’ouvres, expect to have around 4 bites (tiny snacks) per person per hour as a pretty good general rule. Probably round up a few people in case invitees bring unexpected guests.


For imbibements, the party can’t go on without some great holiday punch. I enjoy a good cranberry punch for the holidays, just because it is so indicative of the wintertime holiday season. Also, it’s so easy to do. Just throw some ginger ale together with some cranberry juice and a dash of orange, and you’ve got an awesome, delicious punch. Throw some fruit on top if you want to take it to that next level.

3.The Decor

New Year’s Eve is a grand celebration, so don’t be afraid to pull out some sparkle for this evening. Silver and gold always looks classy for the new year, and if you can tie them into your central decor, your place will look like a dazzling winter wonderland. White will always look polished and sophisticated, but it also looks excellent with complementary veins of metallic or jewel tones. This time of year is a bit dark and dreary, so amaze them with light. Hanging lanterns, although reminiscent of summery weather,  get an instant weather-appropriate look with lacy design reminiscent of snowballs. Also, who doesn’t need a little summer reminder around this time of year?

(hint: this one is just a hat with frayed edges put on top of a lantern)

4. Home Arrangement

You’re probably going to have to rearrange your furniture for guests to come in – however, what’s the best style for the type of party you are having?

  • Make sure there is a direct traffic flow path from the front door to the place where coats are being put -this is likely to be a very high traffic highway.
  • Remember you don’t need to have seating for every single person, it will only crowd up the space. Instead, think about places to put drinks so people aren’t putting drinks on things you don’t want liquid on, like stereo systems,etc.
  • You should probably have a designated space for dancing for later in the night

5. Look Hot

This is a special time of the year where we just get to feel pretty, flaunt what you’ve got! Everything is a little exaggerated in New Year’s Eve wear, so if you have a statement necklace you’ve felt a little too shy to wear, or a top that was always just a little too blindingly sparkly, get that out for sure. Now is a time when everyone is just a little exhausted from so much bustle. Don’t overlook supplements to give you an extra kick of energy, and maybe slow the effects of holiday overeating. Of course, those with natural ingredients are going to be best, think in the Hydroxycut vein.

6. The Playlist

This one is easy – there are thousands of ready-made playlists either on Spotify Browse feature, or I like Songza, which allows you to type in a mood or genre and then gives you a hand-crafted playlist from there. For New Year’s Eve, depending on the vibe you want your party to have, could range from swinging, lively jazz to electronic dance grooves to mellow bossa nova.

7. Conversation and Games

If you’re a person like me, when you plan a party, you go all the way. You want to make sure that every one is dazzled 100% of the time, so I’m very big on having a few party games at the ready. Even if the vibe of the party doesn’t end up fitting it, it’s nice to have on the ready in the event of a lull. Have a few decks of cards placed around the party casually, or incorporate a few board games into the decor by stacking them on an end table. If your party is big, having some nice ice-breaker game could be cute. How about a game of bingo that instead has characteristics of different guests, that people need to sign and find the guests with that characteristics?

8. The Invite

The paper invite in the mail is of course, the most cherishable and posh, but realistically, it may not be the best option. The post is going mad this time of year, and isn’t always the most reliable. The greener of your family certainly aren’t going to be happy with all the paper you’re bound to use, as well.  Not to mention, stamps, stationary and whatever little decorations you add flair with can really add up, and that money can be put elsewhere in the party. A phone call is an incredibly classy option, however for a modern and convenient option, a Facebook event isn’t underwhelming. With classy photos and a well thought-out event description, it can look nearly as intimate and thought-out as handmade cards.To amp up the event, you can post photos of sneak peeks into the decor process, take polls of what the signature cocktail should be, or post fun New Year’s related articles.

9. The Midnight Hour

At the midnight hour, what’s going to make the moment memorable? Of course, to be there with loved ones is often enough. However, it’s also fun if you pour out some of the punch for everyone to have a “cheers” to toast the new year. Or, plant a secret confetti drop. For a quick, dramatic drop, use a hammock full of confetti, rose petals, or balloons. Then, tie a long rope from one side of the net. For a slow, romantic snowfall effect, have a cloth with slits in it that is filled with confetti. When the cloth is moved with two poles, confetti slowly slips between the slits.


New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical moments of the year, as it celebrates the good times of yesterday while rejoicing the coming of a new beginning and a new start. While the details make the environment sparkle, it really is that time with your close ones that makes the night magical. Although the holidays are always so bustling, and it can seem overwhelming, focus on the fact that this time together will be wonderful no matter the venue.


Monday 29th of December 2014

I am not very good at throwing a party. But food and drinks I am good at. I always make a ton.

Julie Cohn

Monday 29th of December 2014

Great tips! For once we are going to someone else's party instead of hosting, but I am bringing several dishes and will bring some festive noisemakers etc too!

Tammi @ My Organized Chaos

Monday 29th of December 2014

Great tips! I'm not sure if we'll be entertaining or not, but we'll be definitely celebrating with some great food and drinks!


Monday 29th of December 2014

These are great tips and much needed with us pulling together a last minute get together! Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 16th of December 2014

Thanks for all the tips!

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