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15 Ways to Have Fun All Summer Long

Summer can be a fun time of year. There are no more school deadlines for a while. No strict schedule to adhere to. Just fun and play all day long. The problem is keeping summer fun and entertaining for months. What do you do with kids that are bored? Those days when they can’t find anything to do except fight with each other. Lucky for you, we have found several fun and entertaining things to keep your kids busy in just those times of boredom.

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own. 

Summer Fun Activities for Kids


15 Ways to Have Fun All Summer Long

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1. Play a Board Game Together: What could be better than gathering around the table for a family game night? Try one of these fun family games from Thames & Kosmos this summer. In Pillars of the Earth you’ll take on the role of competing to build England’s cathedral with the wooden pieces that make the construction come to life. Work to collect resources and influence to put towards different tasks like recruiting more workers. EXIT The Game series includes a variety of one-time play games where you work together to escape the room – from home. Try EXIT: The Forgotten Island or EXIT: The Forbidden Castle for an inexpensive escape room game on your own schedule.


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2. Keep Mind & Body Active: Keep the kids minds and bodies active all summer long with the fun products available from MindWare. My boys Are big fans of the exciting Extreme Dot to Dot books. They have puzzles with 1,000 or more dots per picture, which keeps their mind thinking and solving the puzzle as they create a picture. My boys can spend hours quietly engaged with these books! Or, put them to a head-to-head challenge with the Get the Picture: Dot to Dot Race game. The wipe-clean game challenges two players to try to guess the picture based off just a few sets of dots, adding progressively more as they guess their way through the puzzle.

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Your kids will be eager to get outside with the Super Spin Disc Swing. The 2′ diameter disc swing will let them lay, kneel, or sit to swing and bring a whole new excitement to the backyard swing set! It can be hung on a traditional swing set support beam, from a tree, or mounted from a ceiling beam to add recreation and fun wherever it best fits your space.


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3. Listen to a Story: Your smart home is getting even smarter, with the new Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. It’s made specifically with kids in mind and uses the smart FreeTime on Alexa to bring kid-friendly entertainment and other smart features to their bedroom or playroom. One feature we love is intercom to easily call kids to dinner, send reminders, and connect with the kids. With the Echo Dot Kids Edition they’ll be able to listen to over 300 Audible books including favorites like Goosebumps, Magic Treehouse, and more. Here, we were listening to Peter Rabbit (that’s his rabbit impression, if you couldn’t tell). You’ll be able to set time limits including bedtime and pause the device during dinner hours or homework time. Disable voice purchasing and use the parent dashboard to control other settings including what services and skills can be accessed and even block out explicit songs. Best of all, you’ll be able to easily see a review of their activity using the Echo Dot Kids Edition to help bridge the gap between technology use and parental oversight. With a two-year worry-free guarantee and kid-friendly case you’ll be protected.


15 Ways to Have Fun All Summer Long Art Supplies

4. Draw Something Beautiful: Do you have a budding artist? If your child loves art and loves to draw, check out the huge display of artist supplies from Faber-Castell. Their large assortment of supplies ranges from gel pens to graphite pencils. Unleash their creative side by choosing some charcoal or pastels. Whatever level your child’s art skills are at, they will love creating something unique with art supplies from Faber-Castell.


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5. Travel to Visit Family: My family enjoys taking road trips during the summertime. One of our favorite vacation destinations – grandma’s house. Whether you’re traveling across the country or down the road to your cousin’s house, the BubbleBum inflatable booster seats provides children (ages 4-11) the perfect “boost” to protect them from seatbelt injuries in case of an accident while traveling. Meeting (and exceeding) all safety requirements in Europe and the US, BubbleBum inflates/deflates in seconds providing comfort and safety for your child. Fold it up and put it in your diaper bag or purse for easy transportation. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, you won’t want to travel without your BubbleBum this summer.

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6. Plan a Sleepover: Summer is the perfect time to let your kids stay up late and have a sleepover. However, no sleepover is complete without adorable Finn + Emma pajamas. Perfect for summer, these light-weight and organic pajamas are extremely soft and durable, even for active kids. A few of my personal favorite patterns include the zebra and arrow prints. Finn + Emma also offers a wide variety of other baby and kid clothing and accessories including wooden teethers, rattles, teething rings, etc. Visit Finn + Emma today for stylish and modern summer clothes, pjs, accessories, and toys.


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7. Imaginative Play: Most of my kids’ summer days are spent playing – and boy do they play hard! I love seeing them use their imaginations. Kicking imaginative play up a level, the new MOMMY!, Look I Can Swimdoll allows for imaginative play even while in the water. Yes, that’s right, this doll actually swims! Play with her in the tub or at the pool and watch her arms move and feet kick. The MOMMY!, Look I Can Swim! doll also comes with a bathing suit, goggles, flippers, hair clips, and a comb. Yes, that’s right, your little one can also have a ball styling her beautiful hair. Available in blonde, brunette, and curly, there’s a MOMMY!, Look I Can Swim! doll for everyone.


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8. Redecorate a Room: Summer is the perfect time to refresh your home decor. If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home on a small budget, Tempaper is the way to go. Tempaper designs self-adhesive removable wallpaper, perfect for freshening up any space. Whether you’re looking for borders, stripes, or Tempaper for an entire wall, there are dozens of designs to choose from. The best part about Tempaper is that it isn’t permanent. AND, it goes on your wall seamlessly. I put up these three Triangles stripes in less than 30 minutes. The Tempaper was easy to apply and completely transformed my garage entry way. Talk about the perfect way to spend a hot summer’s day.


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9. Sensory Play: There is nothing quite like using your senses to explore the world around you. Summer is the perfect time to use those senses to explore through sensory play. Perfect for sculpting, rolling, squishing, bouncing, and creating, your kids will absolutely adore Compound Kings slime. Not only is this slime extremely squishy and stretchy, but it also comes in a variety of colors (including neon colors) and textures. A few of my favorites include their Fluffy, Glitzi, and Confetti Mash Slime. Best of all, you don’t have to make a huge mess adding your own glue! Compound Kings Slime really is the perfect creative outlet for your kiddos this summer. Find Compound Kids slime at Jo-Ann, Toys “R” Us, and Michaels.


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10. Do a Puzzle: Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind sharp, practice fine motor skills, and keep your family entertained during summer. Kicking puzzles up a notch, your entire family will love Slida 3D Puzzles. Predicted to be the next Rubix Cube, Slida 3D puzzles are solved when pieces are slide and interlock in the correct sequence.Best of all, Slida puzzles are available in both multi and single colored designs. Small enough to fit in your purse, backpack, or bag, Slida puzzles can accompany you on all of your summer endeavors.


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11. Have Learning Time: Learning time is essential for your child’s mind during summer break. Instead of the traditional summer workbooks, make learning fun with Kidsource. Typically, it’s a battle to get my son to practice his letters, but ever since we got our Kidsource’s Magnetic Letters and Numbers Tote he begs to practice his letters and site words. Not only can you use this magnetic board to help promote learning and reading skills, but it also doubles as a chalk board. Quick and easy to clean up, Kidsource‘s Magnetic Letters and Numbers Tote stores like a dream. Visit Kidsource for many other fun learning tools and toys including their Musical Hop Skipper.


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12. Play in the Dirt: I don’t know about you, but my kids are happiest when they’re outside digging and playing in the sand and dirt. Perfect for collecting dirt, moving rocks, and imaginative play, Viking Toys features a variety of fun vehicles perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Whether your little one loves tractors, trucks, planes, helicopters, boats, or race cars, Viking Toys has them all. These durable toys are made so that no small part come loose; making them perfect for all ages. Best of all, Viking Toys are dishwasher safe! Talk about the perfect summer toy you can pack along from the sandbox to the beach.


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13. Create Something New: When kids’ creative juices start flowing, it’s amazing how empowering their brain becomes. If you have a child who loves to build and create, you’ve got to check out toys from Quercetti. From colorful pegboards, to exciting marble ramps, your child will stay entertained for hours. One of my favorite Quercetti finds is their Kaleido Gears Set. Designed with 55 different pieces and 3 different sized gears, children will love using their problem solving skills to connect the gears together so they all rotate at the same time. Artistic and creative play has never been so fun thanks to Quercetti.


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14. Make Your Own Play: Nothing is more thrilling and exciting than acting out your own story with villains and heroes. Adora‘s ADORABLE Outdoor Adventure Play Box sets the perfect stage to bring your children’s plays to life. Designed with 3 different backdrops and over 70 wooden and magnetic pieces, your child’s imagination will be limitless. Whether you create scenes based on different seasons or dress up the dolls and their animals friends, Adora‘s Outdoor Adventure Play Box is the perfect way to make storytelling exciting.


15 Ways to Have Fun All Summer Long Monster Truck

15. Do Something Creative: Bring on the creative play with a Creativity kit from Faber-Castell. They have a kit for whatever your child might be into. You can buy them a grow kit and they can create and grow their own garden. They can learn to take care of it and watch it grow all summer long. If your child needs something a little more active, try a Monster Truck Custom Shop. This kit comes with 4 different Monster Trucks that they can them customize with paint and stickers. Then they can spend hours crashing, driving and playing with their creations. From jewelry to light shows, Faber-Castell has something fun for your child to do this summer.


What’s one way your family has fun all summer long?