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Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials!

Kids aren’t the only ones heading back to school. With this grown-up guide to back to school, we’ve found new favorites and essential picks to help adults with the new school year ahead.

Whether you’re heading off to college or have kids starting back to school, these Grown-up Back to School finds are sure to be a hit!

Grown-up Back to School
Favorites & Essentials

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! Grown Up Back to School

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School-Ready Gear for Adults

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! SoloNY June 02

Take on the new school year with the perfect bag for any occasion. The Solo New York Parker Hybrid Backpack Tote is loaded with features such as interior organizers and feet to protect the bottom of the bag.

The versatile Parker Tote converts to a backpack, with hide-away straps when they’re not in use. It has a convenient 15.6″ laptop compartment for taking your assignments with you to class, the office, or on-the-go.

Solo New York offers a variety of backpacks, briefcases, laptop sleeves, tote bags, and many travel options as well. Their products are carefully designed to fit modern needs with style. Check out their entire range of bags to get you off on the right foot for the school year.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! Mira bottles

Staying hydrated all day can be difficult in college. You’ll spend tons of money on bottled water and water fountains are few and far between. Mira water bottles keep your drinks cold and on hand all day long.

Mira’s stainless steel, vacuum-sealed, double-wall insulation technology, keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot for 12. Mira’s bottles come in many sizes, shapes and colors, so you are sure to find the right one for you.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! RU 07012

Keep track of your appointments, notes, to-do list, and more. Or use these gorgeous Archer & Olive Notebooks to journal, doodle, or plan your next big adventure!

Archer & Olive offers notebooks, sketchbooks, and planners with lay-flat binding so it’s easy to write on the entire page. I love the two ribbon bookmarks to easily keep track of where I’m at in the notebook.

My favorite feature is the no bleed pages! Archer & Olive uses ultra thick 160gsm pages so your fountain pen, marker, or paint won’t show through the other side. These notebooks are absolutely beautify and high quality making them a perfect tag-along for the busiest adults!

Essentials for Home or Dorm

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! RU 07016

Be ready for your impromptu trips to the beach, lake, park, or wherever life takes you with Sand Cloud towels! They are thin and absorbent and can be used as a beach mat, with a sand resistant design, or lay them out at the park or near the pool.

Then, when it’s time to go, the easily portable Turkish Cotton towels can dry you off, clean up spills, or even warm up cold shoulders. It’s versatile and with the light and compact design it’s easy to bring along.

Another product I love is the Sand Cloud Reusable Net Bag. It is the perfect on the go back to carry library books, groceries, snacks and toys, beach essentials, or whatever else you need to carry. Head over to Sand Cloud to shop all their selection! Plus, you can take 15% off your order with our exclusive code: MOM15

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! canvas prints homepage v1 2 min

Remember your favorite faces, even when you’re not with them! As a mom, it’s always surprised me how eager I was to send my kids out the door on that first day of school and then how I missed them so much all day long!

For those heading off to college, you’ll love personalizing your dorm room with gorgeous canvas prints of all your favorite people. You can print pictures with your best friends or family portraits or even print art to make your space uniquely your own.

Turn to Canvas Factory to easily print your favorite photos onto Canvas to display in your home — or dorm! They make it easy and affordable to print your favorite memories onto canvas.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! clean naturally simple ingredients house cleaners complete bundle

Cleaning is an unavoidable fact of life. But Truce is making it easier than ever to clean your home with simplified formulas you can use all over the home. Their line of eco-friendly cleaning products are made with natural ingredients like essential oils, baking soda, and distilled white vinegar.

Clean every nook and cranny of your home with the Complete Home Clean Bundle. It comes with the 3 essential cleaning products that are all you’ll need to clean your space. A scouring powder for bathrooms and sinks, a wood cleaner to polish furniture and floors, and an all-purpose cleaner to tackle the rest –including glass!

They also have a pet bundle to take care of your fur babies needs, too. Their toxic-free, natural products can help shampoo your dog and remove unwanted odors from their play and sleep spaces.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! nixplay seed

It’s easier than ever to stay connected with those you love in an increasingly digital world without having to scroll social media. With a Nixplay Digital Photo Frame you can use the easy app to share your favorite pictures with anyone with the frame.

You can connect your profile with friends and family to let them share their latest pictures right to your Nixplay digital frame! There’s no need for memory cards or plugging your frame into a computer – just send the pictures over the app to the smart connected frame and enjoy!

The Nixplay Seed frames have a built-in motion sensor to detect movement. The frame will automatically turn on, and then back off again, as needed! The woven power cord as as an adjustable stand, just bend it to just the right angle and you’ll easily prop up your Nixplay frame wherever you place it.

Take Time to Take Care of You

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! tuli ugandan jewelry 8

Tuli is a one-of-a-kind jewelry brand that also makes a big difference in the world. The jewelry is handmade by talented artisans that are paid a living wage that helps them fight poverty and finally create a sustainable future for their families.

The Avery Bracelet is a bold statement piece accented with brass beads and your favorite color main beads – black, yellow, white or sea foam. The five strings of paper beads are perfect for creating a pop of color.

Pair your Avery bracelet with the Eve boho chevron styled necklace with similar beads and a long chain that will surely make a statement! Or for something a little more classic and simple, I love the Usio necklace with two interlocking rings. Usio in Swahili means “infinite” and represents a mother’s boundless love.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! RU 06912 2

Take a new approach to your lip balm for the new school year and upcoming cooler weather. Lip Whip, by Kari Gran, will give your lips a moisture boost and a tint of color to look all done up, without the mess of lipstick!

Lip Whips are made with naturally-derived, organic, non-GMO ingredients to support healthy lips the way they were intended to be! The lip whips feel like heaven on your lips! So soft and creamy and not sticky at all.

I’m wearing the Cora Gold color here, and I love the color! I do recommend adding a lip brush, which makes the application feel luxurious! Though, you can apply with your finger.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! TW INK A darken 1200x

Taking care of yourself is so important, especially with the busy schedules that come with a new school year. Mer-Sea offers products that can help you travel – physically or mentally – to escape with a little dose of adventure where you can find it.

Their Travel Wraps are perfect for adults on-the-go. Whether your hustling through appointments, taking care of the home, or shuttling kids from place to place a travel wrap is perfect for keeping on hand. It’ll keep you warm and cozy without sacrificing extra space. It folds up to double as a travel pillow in the included pouch.

Make it feel like it’s still summer, even as fall sneaks up on us, with the warm scents of their Coconut Sugar Room Spray. It has a subtle coconut scent with vanilla and musk to round out the profile.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! RU 07010

You may not have considered socks on a list of self-care products you need, but Comrad Compression Socks can make a big impact in your health and well-being. The simple use of a compression sock can help with your circulation, achy or tired legs, and help you avoid blood clots. Comrad offers compression socks that not only work great but are stylish and comfortable!

Comrad compression socks can help during workouts by increasing blood circulation to relieve achy, fatigued legs and feet. Pregnant moms will love the relief compression socks can offer from swollen legs and feet from cutoff circulation.

Did you know that compression socks are perfect for taking along on flights? Because you are stuck sitting and waiting around the airport, compression socks can help keep your blood circulating and even help combat jet-lag and fatigue!

Schedule Time to Have Fun!

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! Audible

I love Audible Audiobooks to transport me to a new world, let me relive the classics, and introduce me to new perspectives. They have the largest selection of audiobooks and each month you’ll get a credit good towards any book in their entire collection plus two free Audible Original productions.

I’m always so excited by the unexpected Audible Original stories that often so fresh and new with options for every type of listener! This month includes It’s Not What It Looks Like by Molly Burke that tells her story of going completely blind by her teenage years and living with a service dog. Another Audible Original, Wally Roux, Quantum Mechanic, tells a sci-fi coming-of-age story that journeys through a story of a rift in space and time.

Some classic favorites are back for the new school year, including The Baby-Sitters Club with a fresh new audio narration for books 1-5 featuring Elle Fanning! Listen to it with your daughters or girlfriends for a fun flashback to the 90s. Or, dive into the classic Pride and Prejudice to get swept away in a story you love.

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! RU 07017

What better way to relax after a stressful week than with a board game! You don’t need a lot of people around to have fun. Just grab a buddy and try some of these exciting game titles from Thames & Kosmos.

The EXIT series has quickly become one of my favorite game series! They offer all the fun of an escape room without the hefty price tag. Solve riddles, puzzles and challenges to try to escape before it’s too late! Now, in EXIT: The Catacombs of Horror you’ll work through a 2-part double-sized game for an even more in-depth challenge!

Play the award winning Imhotep game, now specifically designed for two players in Imhotep: The Duel. Go head-to-head with an opponent while trying to place your pieces to gain the most value possible and build your monuments in the best order. Another fun 2-player challenge to try is the trading game Targi!

Grown-up Back to School Favorites & Essentials! Anno1800 screen Ship Fleet 190415 12pm CET 1554819288

Step back in time to the 19th century in the dawn of the Industrial Age in UbisoftAnno 1800. You’ll get to choose how to grow and develop the country with evolving technologies, political challenges, and growth and development of an empire.

Anno 1800 is both a city building game along with a story-based campaign, plus a sandbox mode that let just you take your time creating anything you’d like. Play against friends or against AI opponents to race to be the leading empire all while being immersed in this rich historical era.

Which of our grown-up back to school essentials are you dying to have?


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