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How to Get Your Kids Summer Camp Ready

School’s out for the summer and now all the fun gets to start. There’s lazy mornings sleeping in, family vacations, play dates with friends and of course, summer camps! I know my kids look forward to going to their summer camps every year. With summer camps sign ups though, come the paperwork. Then there’s the long list of things they need and you end up running around trying to make sure they have everything done and ready to go in time. This year, as you begin looking for and registering your kids for summer camps, check out these tips to make sure your kids are summer camp ready.

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The kids love going to their various summer camps, but it's a pain getting them ready.

Find and get signed up for camps early– I learned this lesson the hard way. People love summer camps so much, that they tend to fill up fast. One summer I thought I was doing really good by signing my kids up 2 weeks before summer. Wrong. By the time I got down to the summer camp to get them enrolled, I had to be put on the waiting list. Thankfully they called me a couple of days later and said that they were able to fit my kids in. Not before I spent those days frantically freaking out and looking for a new camp, though.

Get the paperwork done– Don’t wait until the last minute to fill out and send in the paperwork. Sometimes, when going through and reading the rules and the things they need, you find out that you have some work to do. This summer, I decided to try to do things a little earlier and started going through the paperwork to put my son in Scout camp. I found out that he had to have a physical to be able to go. I’m really glad I checked because my son has a congenital heart defect and needed clearance from his cardiologist. They had to schedule us a month out. Thankfully, that gives me just enough time before the paperwork was due.

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Make sure the Immunizations are current– Most summer camps want your kids to have up-to-date immunizations. If your kid is missing a few of their shots, it’s time to catch them up. If they are caught up, make sure you get them into the camp.

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Do the shopping– With summer camp, comes a list of things they need to have. There’s the water shoes, flashlights, snacks or even just the right clothes. Waiting until the night before to do this is a very bad idea. If you wait until the night before, you may end up running to a million different stores and still having a hard time finding what you need.

Get the physicals done- When the kids get older, they need to have a yearly physical. Almost every sport or camp asks for this to be done. They’re not all that painful a process, but they need to be done. You’re not the only parent who is trying to get their kid summer camp ready and the doctor can get pretty busy. You don’t want them to not be able to go to summer camp because they don’t have their physical done.

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If by chance you happen to be a super busy parent and didn’t get around to getting to the doctor in time, don’t fret, MinuteClinic has you covered. MinuteClinics are located inside your local CVS Pharmacies. They are super convenient. You can sign up online even to be sure that you never need to wait in a crowded waiting room again.

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If it’s an impromptu visit and you don’t get around to signing in online, you can sign in right when you get there. It’s very easy to sign in and it will let you know if there is a wait time and how long it will be. You can even do a little shopping if there happens to be a little wait.

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The MinuteClinic even takes most insurances. If you’re curious if they take your insurance, you can check it out online. The MinuteClinic site has an easy-to-use insurance checking page. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can call your insurance and ask if the service you’re looking for is covered at a MinuteClinic. Your insurance will tell you.

The MinuteClinic also has a long list of services they perform. They can diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for many everyday issues. Things like strep throat, pink eye, infections of ears, nose, and throat. They treat minor wounds and sprains, give vaccinations and even do sport and camp physicals. These are just a few of the many services offered at a MinuteClinic. The best part is, they will share all of the patient records with your primary care physician if you want, so your records are always up-to-date.

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So if you’re running around trying to get your kids summer camp ready and may have overlooked their physical or immunizations don’t worry about it. Just be sure to hit up a MinuteClinic near you on your way home. They will have you in and out and ready to go in no time.

What kinds of summer camps do your kids enjoy?

Sapana V

Monday 5th of June 2017

These tips are great. Immunization is utmost necessary.

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