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Garden Seed Packet Match Game

Bring in spring with this fun Garden Seed Packet Match game. You can recycle and repurpose your old fruit and vegetable seed packets and turn them into a fun kid-friendly activity. Pull this out for rainy-day fun and start dreaming of planting in your garden beds.

Garden Seed Packet Match Game

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Garden Seed Packet Match

For this fun DIY game you will need a variety of empty seed packets, or old seed packets that you’re ready to repurpose. You’ll want two packages of each fruit or vegetable type, but the pictures can be different. In fact, I have only one exact match, and I much prefer my different picture sets as they are more interesting.

Pair up all your packets and decide which ones you’ll include.

Garden Seed Packet Match 01086 Next, use a paper cutter, or a pair of scissors if you can be precise with your cuts and make a good square shape. My lines never go perfectly straight, so I used my paper cuter. Cut out all the packets into squares. Mine are just about 2″ squares.

Garden Seed Packet Match 01091

You could use the squares like this, but they’ll last much better laminated, so fill up a laminating pouch with your squares and send them through! Then, just send your cards through your laminator. We use our laminator for everything, it’s definitely worth owning one if you don’t already.

Garden Seed Packet Match 01095

I use the thinner 3 mil sheets for most of my kid projects, since they don’t need super thick, quality laminating. I got a big 100-ct box of laminating pouches which makes the sheets really cheap overall. About the price you’d pay in store for a 20-ct pack. It took just 2 laminating pouches to laminate all 20 of our game pieces.

Garden Seed Packet Match 02068When you are finished laminating, allow the sheets to cool. Then, grab your paper cutter again and cut out square shaped pieces again, leaving some of the laminated edge so the protective coating doesn’t pull off.

Garden Seed Packet Match 02071

Now, you’re ready to play. Flip the cards, look for matches, and talk about vegetables! You can also use these cards as flashcards or garden seek-and-find cards or other learning games.

Garden Seed Packet Match Game

Garden Seed Packet Match Game pinit fg en rect red 28

We had so much fun using our Garden Seed Packet Match game to get our boys ready for gardening season! Soon, we’ll be planning some of these plant varieties and watching them grow and it will be fun as our boys recognize the plants they plants we’ve been teaching them about. It’s a great way to encourage your children to be more comfortable with vegetables, too.

Which vegetable seed packet would be a “must include” for your family?

Emma @ P is for Preschooler

Sunday 12th of April 2015

What a creative idea! I love this way of repurposing seed packets!

Lindsay Eidahl

Sunday 22nd of March 2015

What a great idea! I love it! Thanks for sharing on Show Me Saturday!

Lisa Brown

Sunday 15th of March 2015

that is a great idea and fun, even for me :)


Friday 6th of March 2015

That is such a cute idea. I never would have thought about doing it

Debra @A Frugal Friend

Thursday 5th of March 2015

Great idea and I love that you like the different pictures. Especially for older kids, that is a great new option!

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