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Teaching Math in Everday Moments

Last week, I shared with you our creative way to teach math skills to my tots with our I Spy Remixed game. Many other parents and friend shared their ideas as well of how they keep kids learning in educational fun ways!

Some of the top ideas included beans, gummy bears, bingo and more as their inspiration. I loved their simple but smart suggestions. It’s really true that there are so many opportunities to teach your children in everything you do around you. My kids, for example, love to help so it’s easy to show them biggest to smallest while loading the dishwasher or color skills while picking out outfits for the day. Teaching your kids can be as easy as just starting the conversation as kids love to be involved.

Math in Everyday Moments

On our recent trip, we found tons of opportunities for teaching math in a lot of different subjects. One fun stop, Four Corners USA, gave us the chance to talk about distance and space and measurements all while having fun running and jumping from state to state!

Disclosure: The content for this post was sourced from Best Boy Entertainment, online resources and family traditions. All opinions are mine.

Melanie Roberts

Sunday 4th of August 2013

I love Math and love to incorporate it into the everyday things with the kids, they learn while having fun and cutting up a slice of pizza or apple... soo fun...


Friday 2nd of August 2013

I have TWO nieces that are Math Teachers. One teaches high school kids & she is also a coach. The other teaches middle school! Needless to say, they are very Math oriented even at home around the kids & family. I think it's awesome!


Friday 2nd of August 2013

What a great idea!

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

Friday 2nd of August 2013

Yes, Four Corners would be a terrific start to a conversation about math!

Lisa Dripps

Friday 2nd of August 2013

Great article! It's so easy to teach kids in daily life!

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