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Frustratingly Adorable Things Toddlers Do

This post is sponsored by Similac, all opinions are my own.

Toddlers can be fickle. It can be one of my favorite things about them but sometimes the most frustrating thing about them. I love how this video shows just how charming and frustrating toddler can be, especially about food. I laughed so hard because I feel like this could easily be a video of me with my toddlers.

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Toddlers can be so adorable while exhibiting their most frustrating behavior. Here are a few of the frustratingly adorable things my kids do:

You know those moments, when your toddler is just so darn cute, but absolutely frustrating at the same time. This list makes me laugh out loud - I can completely relate!

Unload the bookshelves. My goal in life is to reorganize all of our books and toys over and over all day long.

Only eat my food, even though the same food is on their plate.



Hoard all the things. They go to bed in a nice comfy spot and when I go in to check on them they are squished in a sea of stuffed animals and books.

“Help” you do the laundry. It needs to be unfolded, right?

Change their mind. About pretty much everything.


Repurposing things. My kids are constantly filling containers for one thing with stuff from another or saving boxes and bags to keep their treasures in. I love their imaginations, but I can’t save all the boxes. And we all know what happens if you throw a box away.


Find things they should not have. Like baby oil to rub in their hair right before you head out the door to a special event.

That smile when they KNOW they are doing something they aren’t supposed to.


Conditional fatigue. They can stay at the playground for HOURS but as soon as you hit the grocery store their legs are too tired to walk.


Uncontrollable Laughter. When they get the giggles with their sibling doing something you know will end in tears, I am looking at you play sword fights. Why is that giggle always the cutest? You want to hear more, but you have to stop the behavior.

Developing their sense of style. This is my favorite stage. It makes for a lot of extra laundry, though.


They are aways right. ALWAYS. Just ask them.

Mood swings. They always know exactly when to switch from beast mode to angel mode to stay out of real trouble. Or maybe just mine know how to work the system?

The truth is, no matter what they are doing, toddlers are so much fun. I know my life would be much less exciting with out my three littles. We just have to figure out as parents how to raise them to be healthy, happy kids!

What is your favorite frustratingly adorable thing toddlers do?

Kids Dentist Helper Shivaun

Friday 24th of June 2016

I still remember those days when my kids were still toddlers, that look on their faces when they know they've done something bad, especially messing up the table during mealtime.

Janeane Davis

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

It is incredible how much a small child can get into and do with very little notice or prompting.

Julie Wood

Thursday 2nd of June 2016

I remember so many funny things that my son and daughter did. They would always eat off of my plate!! I thought they were the only ones that did this!

Dawn Lopez

Wednesday 1st of June 2016

I really had to smile at your list. These days are long gone for me now but I still enjoy a good laugh about the silly toddler years. They are over before you know it and a teenager is suddenly there. ;)

Elizabeth Lampman

Wednesday 1st of June 2016

I remember how picky my kids were as toddlers. The Why? phase was a tough one.

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