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Baby’s First Toothbrush

I received a variety of Baby Buddy products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Babies and teeth are a funny thing. Some babies pop out their first tooth within the first few months of their lives. For others, like my son, teeth don’t come until later. In fact, my son didn’t even have his first tooth until he was almost 13 months old. Check out his one-year-old photo, this kid had the best toothless grin:


Photo credit: Lindsay Barker, I heart photography

No matter when your child gets their first tooth, it’s important to establish oral health early on in life. Pediatric Dentists recommend starting oral care before baby’s first tooth appears. Luckily, Baby Buddy provides innovative products perfect for establishing healthy oral habits before baby’s first tooth even appears.


It’s extremely important to start cleaning your baby’s gums before the first tooth even pops through. Baby Buddy’s Silicone Finger Toothbrush removes sugar and bacteria that could lead to future tooth decay. Perfect for massaging tender gums, this toothbrush is perfect for children 4-18 months.


Once your baby’s teeth start budding, Baby Buddy’s 1st Toothbrush is perfect for teething and cleaning. This unique U-shaped toothbrush is designed to clean all sides of upper and lower teeth at once. Perfect for children 4 months – 8 years, this soft bristled toothbrush soothes teeth by simply biting down.


My son LOVES brushing his teeth. Every time he sees me brush my teeth, he demands that I hand him his toothbrush. Because my husband and I introduced oral hygiene early in my son’s life, he now loves brushing his teeth with Baby Buddy’s toothbrushes. Because my son’s teeth aren’t all in, he loves biting down on Baby’s 1st Toothbrush; this soft bristled toothbrush is the perfect way to sooth his sore gums. Every time he uses his toothbrush, he says “oh wow” and then points to his toothbrush!

As a mother, knowing that Baby Buddy’s innovative products are BPH, Lead, and Phthalate free gives me peace of mind; I love knowing that I am providing my little guy with safe products. Here are a few of my other favorite Baby Buddy Products:

Baby Buddy’s Bottle Wand cleans bottles and sippy cups like a pro. No more milk build-up and residue thanks to this magic cleaner.

If your kid has stuffed animals galore, Baby Buddy’s Up and Away Hammock is perfect for toy organization. Stretching 6 feet, toys and collectibles will be organized in style.

Be sure to check out Baby Buddy’s innovative finger toothbrush ($3.29), baby’s first toothbrush ($6.95), bottle wand ($2.49), and up and away hammock ($9.99). Want more product information? Visit Baby Buddy.