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Bravado Designs Nursing Tank Review

Bravado Designs offers a community, stories from real moms and support to help tackle breastfeeding woes. They also offer a full line of nursing wear bras and tanks to help make breastfeeding a success. Their bras feature full access cups that drop completely away and a range of styles for each stage of pregnancy and nursing.

I received a Bravado Nursing Essentials set to review that included a Bliss and Allure Nursing Bra and a black Essential Nursing Tank. I will be back nursing again full time in just a few months and know how important a good nursing bra is. Bravado has quickly risen to the top as my favorite nursing bras so I was excited to add a few more great bras to my rotation with a review. The Bliss and Allure bras both are comfortable and provide a great fit. I was surprised, and impressed, to see that the Bliss Nursing Bra came with a free Bra Conversion Kit that lets you convert this bra to a regular bra when you have finished nursing as well as a Bra Extender that lets you extend the waist measurements for extend the use of this bra through pregnancy. These added bonuses were such a welcome surprise as I am using both of these bras through my pregnancy and this is likely the last child I will nurse so it will be great to convert this bra to an everyday bra when I’m done nursing!

Bravado Designs Nursing Tank Review

I was excited to get to try out a different product from Bravado’s line, their Essential Nursing Tank. In my early nursing days, I bought some nursing tanks from Target and they were really boxy, uncomfortable, and VERY short. It made me steer clear of all nursing tanks so I was glad to finally give nursing tanks another try! The tank wasn’t super low cut and with the built in shelf bra you don’t need another bra! The built-in bra is much better than any built in shelf bra I have ever seen on a tank top, but some may still need additional support. The tank was surprisingly long enough to go over my belly and about an inch past the top of my pants which is impressive as this tank can be used during and post-pregnancy. It was also very comfortable to wear.

Bravado Essential Nursing Tank Review

Bravado has re-introduced their most popular limited edition color, Dark Plum, in stock available for purchase in the Essential Nursing Tank and Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra while supplies last! The Essential Nursing Tank retails for $49 and the Bliss and Allure style nursing bras retail for $54 each.

Disclosure: I received a Essential Nursing Tank, Allure Nursing Bra, and Bliss Nursing Bra in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links are used above. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified.