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9 Must-Have Home Products We Love!

With families spending more time than ever in the home with the unique challenges and opportunities that coronavirus brought to our world, there’s no better time to update your space and make it perfect for your family.

Whether you’re looking for ways to add style, function, or ease there’s something for everyone in this guide with 9 must-have products for every home!

We received a variety of samples for this post. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are our own.

Smart Home Favorites

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! 20201027 180449

Easily update the look and feel of your home with WiZ connected lighting! It’s as easy as changing a lightbulb and connecting to an app to transform your space with the use of color and a range of hues. Go from a warm white light in the morning to ease your morning routine. Then switch to a bright white to help you focus and tackle your day.

When you’re ready for some fun, transition your WiZ lights with a range of colors that will really change the mood. We absolutely love using WiZ color options to change our space and make our home fun for the holidays, set up for an event we are hosting, or simply fit the time and needs as they change throughout the day. WiZ connected lighting is an affordable option that gives you all the features including voice control, easy schedules, and a variety of products to fit your space.

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! climate sensor pdp

Keep your home safe and protected with the line of products by Kangaroo! They can help you protect your space with home security tools including home alarms, motion and door sensors, even a doorbell camera! They make it simple for anyone to get started with home security at an affordable price.

We got to try out Kangaroo’s Water + Climate Sensor which was a breeze to setup and great for peace of mind. It is perfect for under the sink, in your basement, or anywhere else you’re worried about water leaks. The Water + Climate Sensor will detect and alert you when it senses water or any extreme changes in temperature or humidity. This helps you be aware and prevent any lasting damage to your home!

Style & Comfort for the Home

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! Sunday Citizen Snug Bed Blanket Off White LS2 Resized 1000x1000

Is there anything better than a warm and welcoming bed when it’s cool outside? We’re in love with the Snug Bed Blanket by Sunday Citizen. Finally, a super soft blanket that’s large enough to fit my whole bed but doesn’t overheat me throughout the night. It’s made to be fluffy and cozy, it feels like a cloud, but still be breathable so you can use it year round.

Sunday Citizen has a solution for all your bedding needs with comforters, sheets, throws, and weighted blankets to help you sink into the perfect bed at the end of a long day. They also have cozy joggers that once you put on, you’ll never want to take off! Trust me, I’ve been living in mine during quarantine!

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! Hi Res Tibba 2x3 1

John Robshaw was first a fine arts degree major who traveled to India to find a natural indigo dye for his paintings and fell in love with their unique fabric-making traditions. Now, the brand brings those one-of-a-kind designs to your home for home linens and accessories that will tell a story. They partner with skilled artisans to bring authentic creations to your home.

Like the Tibba Dabu Rug that is crafted with a process you would never guess! The craftsman use a clay resist technique. They hand block the pattern using clay. When the clay dries and hardens, they then dip the rug into a natural indigo vat. This leaves a beautiful pattern behind with some areas natural with the rest died in the most beautiful blue hue. See the collection of Rugs by John Robshaw and check out the other stylish home accessories, too! You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Home Essentials

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! Valencia CC002677 001 2

Those that love to cook will be thrilled with the quality and function of GreenPan cookware. The ceramic nonstick cookware uses no plastics, like traditional cookware. With GreenPan, all cookware is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. They offer a limited lifetime warranty and a 2 year warranty that covers the non-stick coating giving you confidence in your cookware!

You can find everything you’ve ever wanted in cookware in the Valencia Pro Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan. Use it on your stovetop or induction cooktop, it can even be used in the oven up to 600°F. It’s non-stick surface is dishwasher safe and made with a durable hard anodized body that gives it strength while remaining scratch resistance so your cookware stays looking like new! Shop the entire GreenPan cookware line.

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! DSC00006 1

Essential oils can be a helpful tool and resource in so many ways for your health and home, but do you know how to actually use them? Simply Earth is the original essential oils recipe box that helps you incorporate your oils each month in new and unique ways! Each monthly box includes essential oils along with the other toxin-free ingredients to make 6 natural recipes!

The upcoming box for November has a theme of “Light Up” with recipes to make 2 candles, wax potpourri discs, bath melts, an energy synergy roll on, and a diffuser blend! You’ll receive a unique Love Blend oil along with Nutmeg, Pine Scotch, and Lime essential oils and the additional supplies for this month’s recipes. Your first month even comes with a FREE Bonus Box to get you started!

Update Your Home Office

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! glorious gaming mouse

Those working from home and gamers alike will be thrilled with the Glorious Model O Minus mouse that is innovative and one-of-a-kind! The unique honeycomb design helps keep the mouse feather light and will give you ventilation to eliminate hot, sweaty hands while you play. A standout feature is the colorful lights that are not distracting but help add to the mood.

The Model O Minus corded mouse has every detail covered, including the cord, with a a braided, ultra-flexible, super lightweight cord you’ll hardly notice! It’s even ambidextrous so everyone in your home will be comfortable. Choose the Model D mouse if you prefer an ergonomic design formed for right handed game players.

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! CalBookend Black Studio3 hi

Update the look and feel of your home office with the clean and stylish accessories by Craighill. Like the Cal Bookend that comes as a pair of two heavily weighted bookends that will make a statement on your open shelving with their simplistic, modern design. They’re made with two steel rods that bed across each other and are secured with a single bolt. The rubber feet prevent sliding keeping your books perfectly aligned!

A unique pick for those of with glasses is the Eyewear Stand that will help you never misplace your glasses again on a cluttered desk. Or if you’re just needing something to fiddle with while on those endless video conferences, pick up one of their desktop games like the Mini Jack Puzzle! It will look like a piece of art until you’re ready to play then it falls apart in seconds and puts up a real challenge to get all 6 pieces to slot back together just right.

9 Must-Have Home Products We Love! Eggtronic Sandstone Wireless Charging Stone 1

Up your charging game with Eggtronic that will help you stay fully charged and ready for anything. The Wireless Charger Stones are absolutely stunning and can fit in seamlessly with your home decor on your nightstand, kitchen counter, or desk. Just place it on the charger, and it will charge your phone without needing to connect any wires! It is fast charging with up to 10w of charging for compatible devices like the iPhone 11 and XS series.

While on the go and working remote, you’ll come to depend on their Laptop Power Bank that will let you recharge up to three devices at the same time through 45W USB-C ports. The power bank has 20,000mAh battery capacity that equals 4-8 charges for a smartphone or 1.5 charges for your laptop giving you the power you need to make it through your workday wherever you may decide to work!

Which of these products would you most love to update your home?