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Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season

She works hard and gives of herself to others all year long. This year, give her back something that she will love. For the sporty lady, the new mom, the kitchen queen or savvy business tycoon, we have found products they all will enjoy.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season Fantastic Gifts for women

Fantastic Gifts for Women
This Holiday Season

We received compensation and/or samples in exchange for this post. Affiliate links are used below. All opinions are our own.

Gifts for Her Interests

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season Box composite

Get a completely customized book subscription that’s all about you! There are lots of book subscription services, but nothing like Brilliant Books Monthly Book Club. The subscription starts with a survey card where you mark on a scale how much you like or dislike different genres of books and sub-genre to get more specific. They also want to hear what types of books you’ve read and loved and any other details you want to share!

Then, each month Brilliant Books Monthly YA Book Club will pick a book specifically for you! No small window of options to choose from! Since Brilliant Books is a full bookstore, you could get any title they carry that’s personalized based on your interests. Don’t love the book or it’s a repeat? No problem — they’ll replace it with a new title with no hoops to jump through!

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season domestify

Help her out in the kitchen with the fun and useful kitchen tools and small appliances at Domestify. Try something fun and exciting like a Nostalgia Vintage Collection Ice Cream Maker to let her make her own sweet treats. It can make up to 4 quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, or gelato. Just add the recipe ingredients for your desired treat and add ice, the electric motor will do all the churning.

You can give her an extra hand in the kitchen with useful tools that will make her job easier. Like the Nutri Chopper 5 in 1 Handheld Kitchen Slicer. It has a variety of blades to chop slices, cubes, and wedges for a variety of foods. A Collapsible Over the Sink Colander will be simple to store and make straining easier than ever!

  • See all the kitchen and home products at Domestify to find the perfect gift for her!
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season tesalate phoenix towel for two beach towel 3

Tesalate‘s amazing Towels have already taken Australia and Europe by storm, and are now becoming quite the hot item here in the US. A few specific reasons make this towel so desired: sand doesn’t stick to the towel, it’s extremely absorbent, it’s light and compact, it is soft and comfortable, and it comes in two sizes.

If those great reasons didn’t already sell you on Tesalate Towels, the designs will! A few of my favorite styles are Under the Canopy and the Phoenix-Towel for Two. Free shipping in the U.S. closes the deal and you’ll be so glad you ordered a Tesalate Towel this year!

  • Make sure you pick up an amazing Tesalate Towel for all the women in your life this year.

Pampering Gifts for Her

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season candle club

Candles make a perfect gift to remind her to relax and warm her space any time of the year. The Lovespoon Candle Club will bring her new candles every month with scents personalized to her scent profile. You can gift a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or annual subscription to keep giving to her all year long.

Each Lovespoon Candle Club box includes 3 hand-picked premium soy candles each in unique scents. That’s perfect for enjoying a candle in the kitchen, another in the bedroom or home office, and the third candle in the bathroom. Your monthly candle box includes two large 8.5 oz candles, one in a jar and another in a tin. Plus, a 2 oz travel-size tin.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season corala 2

Try the latest craze with a Weighted Blanket by Corala. There’s a reason weighted blankets are so popular right now. They apply pressure across your body evenly to help increase relaxation and improve sleep by naturally increasing serotonin and melatonin levels in your body.

Corala offers a designer weighted blanket set that comes in the gorgeous Coral color of the year plus included winter and summer duvets to keep it clean and cozy all year round. It ships in a beautiful gift box ready to give to your loved one!

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season poinsettias

Fill her home with beautiful plants that will last all season, and even into the following year! With you can find the perfect plants for gifting. Who wouldn’t love a Red Poinsettia in a birch planter box to liven up the home for the holidays.

Another perfect pick to carry her into the new year is with a Money Tree Plant with it’s unique braided trunk and of course fun name that’s perfect for gifting! This pretty plant will spruce up any space. Best of all, it only needs to be watered once a week, perfect for those that struggle to keep plants alive.

  • Shop to find beautiful plants perfect for gifting! All plants ship in just 2 days and are backed by a 30-day guarantee.

Bath & Beauty Gits

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season nume megastar

Gift her a beauty tool by NuMe she’ll use all year long. We’re crushing on the Megastar Hair Straightener that features 1-inch pure tourmaline ceramic plates. It features an integrated far-infrared heat strip and Ion Booster to create negative ions to give you healthier hair, eliminate frizz, and locking in moisture to your hairs cuticle. The result — beautiful hair with a boost of shine.

You can easily use the Megastar Hair Straightener to curl or straighten your hair quickly and efficiently. It heats up to 450°F in seconds with a digital display that makes it easy to control the temperature for the perfect heating level for your hair. The power cord swivels so it doesn’t get in your way while you style your hair.

  • Visit NuMe to find high-quality straighteners, curling wands, hairdryers and more!
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season BambooBathCaddy

Turn bath time into a relaxing escape for her with a Deluxe Bamboo Bathtub Caddy from ToiletTree Products. This caddy is made from 100% natural bamboo with chrome accents, but the exciting part is it extends to fit any size tub (20.5” to 31.5”)! 

She’ll be able to relax in her own spa-night, and when it is not in use, it looks elegant with its glass-coated (won’t water stain) finish as a tub decoration. Need to add to her night of pampering? Include a Face Brush Skin Cleansing System to rejuvenate her face, exfoliate and polish away the dull skin, leaving her with smoother, softer, more radiant skin.

  • See the entire line from ToiletTree Products.
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season luster white

Receiving the gift of a whiter smile is every woman’s dream. This Christmas, brighten that smile with Luster Premium Pro Light Dental Whitening System.

Using a whitening light, rinse, stain lifting serum, and toothpaste, this Pro Light Dental Whitening System lights stains and brightens teeth up to 6 shades in just 30 minutes. Best of all, this formula is gentle on your teeth and enamel safe. Talk about a great way to brighten your smile while in the comfort of your own home! 

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season zodiac perfume

Gift her the unique gift of a Zodica Perfume. Each perfume is designed with a specific zodiac symbol in mind to reflect the season and emotion behind the symbols of the stars. Choose the scent specific to their Zodiac sign in a 50ml crystal infused perfume bottle. Each zodiac sign perfume has a different type of crystal encased inside the bottle.

The Zodica Perfume Discovery Sample Gift Set includes a 1.5ml mini-perfume spray bottle for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It also comes with a natal birth chart and a personalized note of your birth date, time, and location. It also includes a coupon to redeem for a free 8ml Twist & Spritz travel spray of their favorite fragrance.

Tech Faves For Her Everyday Needs

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season image GNHmax kitchen family

Everyone could use an extra helper around the home, and Google Assistant can help! With the Google Nest Hub Max you can use all the smart assistant features you’ve already come to know and love like setting timers and alarms, adding items to your shopping list, turning on your favorite tunes, even adjusting your home lighting and other smart features.

But now, with the addition of a beautiful 10-inch HD screen you can use the Google Nest Hub Max to watch YouTube recipe tutorials while you prepare dinner or catch up with a loved one with video calls and messages. It even doubles as a security camera where you can pop in to check on kids, pets, or simply ensure your home is safe while you’re away. With everything the Google Nest Hub Max offers, it’s the perfect gift for a loved one this year!

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season Expression Photo XP 970 Lifestyle

It may be time to update those family pictures on the wall. The brand-new Epson Expression Photo XP Small-in-One Printer can help you do just that. For the creative person who loves photos and DIY projects, this is the perfect gift.

The Epson Expression Photo printer is packed full of technologically advanced features. Print fast, high-quality, borderless photos up to 11×17. It’s so convenient and easy to use with hands-free, voice-activated printing and the ability to print without a PC. You can easily print from various smartphones and tablets with wireless and router-free printing. With the Epson Expression Photo printer, you’ll get a slim design with the ability to easily adjust for red-eye, photo restoration and more. Download the Epson Creative app to create custom cards, stationery, collages and so much more.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season mk470 slim wireless keyboard and mouse pdp

With most of our work being on computers, or more accurately on laptops, it’s important to have good tools. Help her be able to work more comfortably and efficiently this year with Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

Logitech’s Slim Wireless Keyboard and mouse are perfect for on-the-go work or compact workspace. The combo offers all the keys needed in a compact, wireless layout including a number pad. Save on batteries with the MK470 Slim Combo’s auto-sleep feature. With its battery saver mode, the batteries last up to 18-36 months for the mouse and keyboard. The slim keys with scissor switches make for a super quiet, laptop-like typing experience.

Meaningful Gifts for Women

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season motif

You can never go wrong gifting photos. Such a meaningful, thoughtful, and unique gift. This Christmas, she will love photo books from Motif.

Motif is a photo book app that both Android and Apple users can download to your phone. Follow simple instructions, download your photos, choose your layouts, and print. Super simple, meaningful, and high quality. I can’t wait to give my own mom the most beautiful Motif photo book. Definitely a step above any other photo book I’ve ever created. Plus, I love how easy it is to make using my cell phone.

  • Be sure to download the Motif app and begin creating your photo book today!
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season parrotprint

Gifts that can double as home decor are always a win. This Christmas, she will love adding some personalized touches to her home with Canvas Prints from Parrot Print.

I am super impressed with the quality of Parrot Print‘s canvases and speedy service. You can tell that their prints are high quality and sturdy. They add such a meaningful artistic touch to every wall. Plus, I love that I was able to use my photos from Facebook and Instagram. Whether you print a square or rectangle picture, she’s sure to love Parrot Prints canvases.

  • Visit Parrot Print and start creating your personalized canvas print today.
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season Nixplay 10.1 Product Image 1

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame is the next best thing to actually being there in person! The Nixplay Frame isn’t just a regular digital photo frame where you have to upload the pictures to a memory card and insert it into the frame. You can send pictures and videos directly to the frame via its wifi connection or by email, online, or in the Nixplay app.

Their Nixplay Frame constantly has a crowd around it of all ages as they watch the various pictures and videos come up. I also love that I can manage the frame using my smartphone. The frame itself has a sleek modern design that looks great anywhere, even wall mounted, and the cord doubles as a flexible stand. The new frames have a Hu-Motion sensor that can turn the frame on and off as it senses the motion around so you don’t need to worry about leaving it on all the time.

Fun Game Picks for Her

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season 9100 karma LS6 1

Bring her a fun family night in with a strategy or light and fun game by PlayMonster. There’s something for everyone’s interests! For strategy fans, try The Island of El Dorado where you play as explorers discovering and trying to control shrines. Each game has a unique map! Plus, add The Thieves Expansion to play with up to 8 players and all-new dimensions and even a solo and team play version.

Try the rummy-style card game, Five Crowns, with crazy rounds of wilds, combinations, and even a bonus suit: stars! In Karma, you get back what you give — so be careful! You are trying to get rid of all your cards, without getting stuck with the hard to get rid of cards. A variety of Karma cards change up the game flow making it quick, fun, and exciting game of “take that.”

  • Check out fun strategy and family games at PlayMonster.
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season games 4

Give mom the gift of family time with these fun new games from creators of What do You Meme? Perfect for family game night, everyone will enjoy playing Party Bowl and Doubles.

Party Bowl is a fun game with two teams and one bowl. Each team uses a prompt card to come up with one word and put it on the bowl. Players then try and describe the word and help their teammates guess the word. In the following round, players try and sum up the word using one word. In the third round, players try and help their teammates guess the word by drawing it. So much fun for the whole family.

Doubles is a fast-paced party game where players try and come up with as many words as possible until other players roll doubles.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season BigG20Creative

Have you seen James Corden’s hilarious car ride sing-alongs with famous celebrities? Carpool Karaoke Game by BigG Creative is inspired by that fun show and will elevate your Ladies’ Night a few octaves.  Players will be able to flaunt their best celebrity impressions and discover their inner Diva as they have so much fun mastering the Carpool Karaoke Categories of GUESS IT (trivia), SING IT (performances), and FINISH IT (finish the lyrics).

BigG Creative also is bringing back a bit of the 80s and 90s nostalgia with the Trapper Keeper Game. You’ll feel right back in school as you stash your cards in your Trapper Keeper folders. You can collect Homework, Quizzes, Signatures, Report Cards, Classmate Notes and Field Trip Slips to see who can score the most points and be the Coolest Kid in School!

For New Moms, Babies, and Toddlers

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season hello bello

I love gifting the basics. If you’re looking for high quality, plant-based, and stylish baby care items, you have to check out Dax Shepherd and Kristen Bell’s new line, Hello Bello.

Whether searching for diapering, personal care, home care items, or vitamins, Hello Bello has you covered. You can take a sigh of relief knowing that you’re giving your baby safe products. Plus, I’m pretty sure the patterned diapers are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Some of my favorite prints are their floral and ABC patterns. So stinkin’ cute!

  • Hello Bello products can be purchased on their website or at Walmart.
Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season caden

This Holiday Season, give the gift of comfort and style with Cadenshae‘s maternity and nursing activewear.

After recently having my third child, I can fully appreciate stylish activewear that is convenient, functional, and fashionable. Wearing Cadenshae‘s Nursing Sports Bra and Breastfeeding Hoodie, I can start my morning out right with exercise without having to completely undress when my babe needs to be fed. The only question is, where was Cadenshae when I had my first baby? Talk about a meaningful gift that can be appreciated for years to come.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season KB Pink 6 736x736

This Christmas season, give the gift of memories with beautifully crafted journals from Write to Me.

Motherhood goes by SO fast. Looking back on the lives of my children, I want to remember every single detail. Thanks to Write to Me, I can document our little day-to-day happenings. I love Write to Me journals because they are so fashionable, high quality, and a great way for me to keep organized. With so many different colors and journal topics, every mom will adore these beautiful books.

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season tshirt 1

As a new mom, I live for clothing that is comfortable yet fashionable. This Christmas, give the gift of style with Mom Culture’s graphic tees, outerwear, drinkware, and babywear. 

I love how each piece of Mom Culture’s Clothing is thoughtful and unique. With fun prints such as “Motherhood Winging It” and “Raise Good Humans” every mom will adore wearing these graphic tees. Perfect for the tiny humans in your life, dress them in this “Rainbow Babe” nightgown or other fun onsies. Talk about the perfect gifts for moms and babies alike!

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season skrun 3

For your little walker, gift them a fashionable pair of kicks from See Kai Run. With so many different styles, sizes, and colors, you will love See Kai Run’s protective footwear that help aid in healthy foot development.

My daughter’s first pair of walking shoes were from See Kai Run. Let me tell you, they live up to the hype. I love that the full rubber outsoles provide protection and durability; perfect for first time walkers. Not to mention, they sell sizes for my 7 year old boy and 5 year old girl. My daughter is going to die over that adorable star pattern. Such an adorable functional and fashionable gift this holiday season.

To shop the shoes pictured above:

Fantastic Gifts for Women This Holiday Season chronicle books

You will never go wrong gifting books. This Christmas, your child will absolutely ADORE creative and artistic books from Chronicle Books.

I absolutely love the variety of books and activities that Chronicle Books offers: board books, finger puppet books, games, journals, teen books, stationary, gifts, etc. Basically, everything you need this Holiday season. With beautiful artwork, vibrant colors, and captivating stories, Chronicle Books should be on every wishlist.

A few of my favorite Chronicle Books include A to Z Menagerie, Get up Stand up, and My Big Evil Brother Packed My Lunch.

Which of these top gift picks is going onto your holiday wishlist?


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