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Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls

We’ve compiled some of the greatest gift ideas for all the girls you know this Holiday Season. We have a little bit of everything from great books to read, technology must-haves, gifts that foster creativity, to fashion ideas that will make her the talk of the school.

You’ll find a gift for every girl on your list. We’d love to hear which ones you’ll be including in your holiday celebrations.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Girls20Holiday20Gift20Guide

Favorite Holiday Gift
Ideas for Girls

We received compensation and/or samples in exchange for this post. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are our own.

Fave Toy Picks for Younger Girls

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls cabbage patch

Let’s be honest – you will never go wrong gifting dolls for Christmas. Plus, these Cabbage Patch dolls could not be cuter!

I remember growing up with Cabbage Patch dolls. I’m so excited that I can share my love for Cabbage Patch dolls with my own daughter. I love that Cabbage Patch dolls have so many fun options to choose from; exclusive, hand-stitched, cuties, toys, and accessories. Personally, I’m in love with the fantasy and woodland cuties.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls hape

Your little one will love role-playing rescue missions with this Hape Emergency Services HQ. This fun playset includes the police and fire brigade headquarters and the vehicles to go with it. Plus, train tracks integrated with the set for even more fun ways to play, and rescue.

The Emergency Services HQ playset includes 55 pieces with roads, rails, vehicles, accessories, and even the rescue professionals! One side of the building is a darling fire station complete with a fire pole. The backside features a police station and jail cell.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls AntsyPantsy2

Girls are wanting Unicorn EVERYTHING this Holiday Season. Antsy Pantsy has all the Unicorn needs to create an imaginary paradise. She’ll love the Unicorn Hoppity as she can ride her very own unicorn! We found it was easy to inflate, soft and super bouncy. You can even deflate it quickly for storage.

All my kids love building forts and with the Unicorn Build Kit, my girls can build a fort for their secret Unicorn Club and also use the unicorn shape in their pretend play. Even bowling is more magical if it is filled with unicorns. Antsy Pantsy’s Unicorn Bowling Set is a perfect add on to either the Unicorn Build Kit or the Unicorn Hoppity for a completely Unicorn themed adventure!

  • Check out Antsy Pantsy’s Unicorn Hoppity, Unicorn Build Kit, and Unicorn Bowling online or at Target.
Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls color night light

What little one wouldn’t love a color changing night light to help them feel safe and secure at night. The VAVA Rechargeable Night Light transitions through a series of fun bright colors. Then, just tap the top of the lamp when it gets to your favorite color to keep that color selected. Choose from color or a warm white light with an easy toggle switch.

The Night Light’s 1-hour sleep setting will keep their room softly lit as they fall asleep. Plus, with the lowest usage mode, the lamp will last up to 100 hours on a single charge! Letting them take their night light with them on their fun and adventures throughout the day. Choose from a white or wood grain base to fit your decor.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls collage frozen

If your kids love the first and second Frozen as much as mine, they will absolutely adore Build-A-Bear Worshop‘s new Frozen II collection. With characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, these furry friends will make your child’s Christmas magical.

I love how Build-A-Bear allows you to customize every bear to your child’s liking; you can choose to purchase bears and accessories separately or as a gift set. The Elsa Inspired Bear Gift Set and Kristoff Gift Set are to die for. I love the special touches like an Elsa wig, Frozen boots, etc. Such fun and creative bears that make Frozen II come to life.

Perfect Gifts for Tween Girls

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Holo Unicorn Vendees

Girls all over are going to be so excited to open a Vendees from Horizon Group this Holiday Season. There is so much fun in opening the interactive packaging. There are 6 fun surprises to find as they unwrap their Vendees dispenser. They’ll find fun surprises like erasers, stickers, keychains and more from the various pull-tabs and compartments surrounding the main activity (paintable ceramics, customizable lip balm, sweet-smelling bath bombs, Wild Nail Art, cool stationery and more).

Or, try the Discovery Break Your Own Geode Set that will bring exploration and fun this season. You can expose Geodes from 3 natural rocks! There is nothing cooler than breaking open a rock (using different methods) and revealing the shimmery crystals inside.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Kick Scooter Ages 2 12 Blue 39404a04 b1cc 428c 8a45 13a83a03795a 2000x

Your girls will be the talk of the neighborhood if they are scooting around on a LaScoota scooter. There are two varieties: for ages 2-8, and for ages 8+. The kids’ scooter has some of the coolest features including light-up wheels and an adjustable/removable seat. The 3-wheel base gives a smooth ride with extra stability, and it is one of the most durable scooters around, so your child enjoys it to the fullest.

Your older child will be unique riding around in the styles of LaScoota. It is not only safe, light-weight, smooth riding (and even has front suspension), but it has eye-catching colors and designs. We LOVED the fact that LaScoota comes completely assembled, with an easy fold/unfold mechanism and even includes a carry strap! My favorite aspect about LaScoota is it is a scooter your child will not grow out of-even into adulthood!

  • She’ll love receiving a LaScoota scooter this year!
Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Hatchimals Wow

My girls fell in love with the smart robot Novie from Spin Masters Toys. It’s ready to play right out of the box! They loved being able to teach their Novie 12 different tricks and watch it perform 75 actions. You can even control your Novie with hand gestures (14 different ones), it gets even better with practice.

Spin Masters Hatchimals are always a favorite during the Holiday Season. This year the Hatchimals WOW! is a rehatchable egg that happens to be the LARGEST Hatchimals egg ever! You can hatch it in only 5 minutes and hatch it again and again, and each time she wakes up, she’ll be in 1 of 10 surprise moods! And, who doesn’t love GIFs? Now you can draw, color and customize your own GIF and bring it to life with the Gifeez Spinner from Spin Masters. Once you have a finished disk on the spinner, dim the lights and watch as your art spins to life!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls RockIt Twist™

LeapFrog’s new game RockIt Twist is a must-have this holiday season. There are four sides of buttons, spinners, sliders and switches that will have your children hopping with new exciting video games. Your child won’t even realize that they’re learning literacy, math, problem solving and science, they’ll just be having creative fun as they play one of the pre-loaded games. They can play with the cutest digital pets and nurture them to grow.

If you want additional play, you can add on Game Packs like Banzai Beans Showdown where you have to help the Banzai Beans ninjas defeat shiitake shelf and his mushroom minions by navigating mazes, battling through visual memory and perception skills. This Game Pack also includes a new virtual pet and includes a cute figurine to match. Hours of creative and fun learning with RockIt Twist and extra Game Packs.

  • Pick up a RockIt Twist from LeapFrog major retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Target.
Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls viewer and reel hi res

Looking for a gift for the sentimental girls in your life? Give her the treasured memories in a fun blast from the past RetroViewer with custom reels from Image3D. Remember playing with the 3D viewers as a kid? They were a household favorite of our family. Now you can get your photos and precious memories put on custom reels to view through the RetroViewer.

Their website and app is easy to navigate, you pick 7 of your favorite photos.  You can edit, add text and even 3D options right on the site. It takes Image3D 5 days to create your cherished keepsake and it’s all under $30! Your Gift will definitely be the talk of the party if you are giving her a RetroViewer this year.

  • Make a RetroViewer and custom reel set or extra reels here!

Tech Favorites She’ll Love

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Mightier 3

Do your kids need help regulating their emotions or learning calming and focus skills? Try Mightier that helps kids to develop focus and strengthen their emotional health in a fun and engaging way kids will love!

Kids can use their own device or a dedicated Mightier tablet plus the included Heart rate monitor to play a variety of fun games. The monitor tracks physical response and helps train kids to stay calm and collected — skills they can apply to real life situations. Then, connect with a clinical coach for goals, strategies, and support to make the most of your Mightier experience.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Polaroid Camera

Who didn’t used to love the classic, old school, snap and print polaroid cameras? They were so fun! Now we can enjoy the way more technologically advanced, but still classically retro, Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Cameras!

With the Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera, you can snap, edit and print photos instantly. Snap a photo or connect your smartphone, computer or tablet. Then pick a picture, edit as you see fit with notes, captions, emojis, borders and more. When you’re done with your photo, you can instantly print it or share it on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else using the built-in WIFI.  You can even have fun recording full 1080 HP video or fun gifs.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Swagtron skateboard

Give them the gift of fun and thrills that aren’t behind a screen this holiday season. With a Swagskate NG3 electric skateboard from Swagtron, they will have hours of exciting outside time. Swagskate NG3 is a mini e-board made just for kids. At 19.6 inches long and 7.7 lbs, it can get up to a speed of 9.3 mph all with its kick start technology. It’s made to feel like riding a traditional skateboard, boosted by an electric motor, but without the remote.

The NG3 only goes as fast as the rider kicks off and propels it to go. It stops the same as a traditional skateboard by decelerating as soon as resistance is detected. The Swagkate NG3 is a fun, intuitive board to help young riders progress from a traditional skateboard to an electric one. Complete with LED taillights, grip tape and 1.5 hour charge time.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls KidiGo™ Walkie Talkies

Your girls can stay in constant communication through all of their adventure play with the KidiGo Walkie Talkies from VTech. These two-way radios use a digital connection that keeps their conversations secure and clear so you won’t have other walkie-talkie users listening in or chatting with them. I’ve caught my girls using the KidiGo Walkie Talkies to raid the pantry and take the spoils out to their fort outside-there’s quite a long range (up to 500 feet) between the walkie talkies. 

For even more communication, they can send each other messages from the preset animated messages using the screen. There is also endless hours of fun with the four two-player games for real-time gaming activities between the two devices. KidoGo Walkie Talkies bring fun technology into your child’s creative play.

Books and Games for Girls

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls hwbyo

Books make the perfect gift and with Lollipop Book Club it’s more fun than ever to receive a book subscription box in the mail! Each monthly subscription box includes a book and a lollipop — and you can customize both! Choose from little or big lollipops there’s even options for an allergy-free lollipop and a washcloth lollipop for the littlest readers.

It’s easy to customize your book selection for each month of the subscription. Just choose your child’s age, gender, and interests and a selection of favorite books will be suggested that you can browse and pick through to find books she’ll love each time. Then, add a custom message that can be added to the books!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls waterfuls

Your kids will be surprised with how much fun they have from the Original hand-held toy from Kahootz Toys this year. They have the Original WATERFUL that I played with as a child, and my children now STILL love it! No screens, cords or batteries to worry about, just fill it with water and you are good to go! This game is great to take during your holiday travel. Hours of fun with all the different backdrops!

Also from Kahootz, the Colorforms Silly Faces Game will have your entire family giggling as they race to make the silliest face! This game is great for preschool ages on up! It is one of the favorite games in our house! I love that it is an easy set up, and we can get right to the wacky creativity. Spin the Spinner, use one of the 68 reusable pieces and let creativity explode! The first one to complete a silly face wins!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls The Christmas Snowflake

The Christmas Snowflake from Wonderbly has a snowflake looking for a place to call home this Christmas and as she searches for the perfect place, she encounters the names of the people in your girl’s life, finally realizing the best place is being with the people you love. Such a heart-warming, personalized story that will become a great Christmas treasure.

Another great, personalized book from Wonderbly is Where are you…? where your child is the star of the book! It is more than your basic search-and-find book, your child’s character is hidden in the 6 alternate universes along with all sorts of other fun challenges. Our daughter can’t get enough of finding herself as an explorer, veterinarian, or rockstar!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Maya20Toys20Games

There are some great family games from Maya Toys this year. Let it Fly is a game where you get to SPLAT the fly! My girls go round and round whether they are the attacking player or blocking player and giggle to no end as they are dodging flies. First player to win 3 rounds wins! 

Another family favorite game is Fryin Flyin Donuts. Kids as young as preschool age can fully enjoy this game, but our entire family has played it for family game night and had a blast! All of our kids love flinging their donuts into the fryer and then trying to be the first to fly all of their donuts into the baker’s box and win the game! I will admit, we had flying donuts EVERYWHERE at times and lots of laughing.

Gifts for Creative Girls

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls smArt

Flycatcher Toys has brought the coolest upgrades to the creative toys. The smART Pixelator allows kids to design and build 2D and 3D projects! I’m not sure if my kids will play with it more or if I will after they go to bed! Inside the box, there are 50 step-by-step designs to get your child using Pixel Beads, but there is also a smART Pixelator app and any mobile device can let them create their own projects, allowing them to experiment and create whatever they want!

Flycatcher also has a smART sketcher Projector which allows kids to turn photos from their smart devices into pictures! Using the free smART sketcher app, their pictures are transferred via bluetooth to the projector which then projects the image onto a paper where they can trace it and color it however they like! A pre-loaded SD card is filled with a variety of images, drawings and activities, and expansion packs can also be purchased to keep the drawing/learning going all year!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Cutie Stix Compact Teal Puppy 0888

Creative fun is right around the corner if your girls get the Cutie Stix Cutie Compact Jewelry Kit from Maya Toys. My girls love that they can take this kit with them as we travel (and it is a perfect stocking stuffer size!) and create new, fun jewelry on the way! There are three adorable sets: Friends Furrever, Pinky Pal and Kitty Krew so there is tons of creative fun. There is enough animal-themed cutie stix to make 4 bracelets or two necklaces or mix and match between sets for even more varieties in the jewelry!

Need another fun toy to take during Holiday Travel? Foodie Roos are the all-new adorable plush that comes in a fun food container. My girls loved decorating the container that opens up to become the Foodie’s room with the included stickers! There are 20 different Foodies to collect (including 2 hidden rares!) We’ve started a great collection!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls BeYouTology Lifestyle

RoseArt’s LaurDIY Craft kits are a great way for girls to express their creativity. The new kits this year are amazing! We love the room decor options with the Mini Planters Kit (build a wooden stand, customize your painted pots, add faux succulents), and the Crystal Chandelier Kit (using crystals and paper to create an amazing chandelier). My girls love being able to add their own creative touch to their room decor.

RoseArt also has a new line of kits called BeYouTology. One of my daughters is starting to experiment with wearing make up and this kit is the perfect gift for her age. With the Create Your Own Luxe Cosmetic Bar Kit she gets to mix and blend her own colors, creating her own make up. there is also a Lip Gloss Kit where she can create her own Lip Gloss and she loves wearing it around!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls GeoMag

GeoMag creates magnetic building toys using magnetic rods and steel spheres to connect for all kinds of creative play. The sets come with some creation ideas, but my girls have more fun building their own inventions. We’ve built everything from dollhouses, molecule construction, and creating bowls for pretend food play, the possibilities are endless. Some of their best sellers are definitely a must-have this holiday season like GeoMag Color to get started on your own creative building.

For those younger hands, GeoMag has the coolest Magicube which is the perfect first building set. The animal sets are adorable and your little one will love the magnetic pull through creative building. The blocks are the perfect size for little hands, and they can create however they’d like, or try and solve the puzzle of creating one of the animals.

  • You can find Geomag and Magicube on Amazon.
Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Tiger Tribe

My little girl spends most of her day creating and doing art projects. Perfect for the creative mind, Tiger Tribe offers art kits, creative toys, and portable activity sets.

Each activity set from Tiger Tribe comes equipped with various items like stickers, crayons, coloring pages, actives, etc. – basically everything your little one needs to learn and explore endless creative possibilities. They also have adorable flash cards, fun shaped crayons, paper dolls, etc. I love that these Tiger Tribe kits are compact and are perfect for car rides, waiting rooms, church, etc. Talk about the perfect on-the-go (screen-free) activities! Tiger Tribe for the win.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Chalkola Watercolor Brush Pens 700x700

She’ll love one of the gifts from Chalkola this year. My girls fell in love with the special bundle pack of 40 chalk markers, a chalkboard and an eraser kit. The colors are so vibrant, they have been changing up their saying every couple days and loving it! The included eraser kit makes changing your sayings so convenient.

You also want to check out Chalkola’s Watercolor Brush Pens. Our girls have been working on learning how to do lettering and these brush pens have been so much fun to practice with! They are so excited to make their own holiday cards this year!

  • Check out the great gifts at Chalkola this year!

Fashion Finds for Girls

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Chalk of the Town2

Let their creative side free with products from Chalk of the Town. Whatever their style is, whatever they want to say, they can create and express it in a wearable work of art.

Chalk of the Town shirts are T-shirts with a chalkboard surface ready and waiting for their creative spin. They make great gifts for the artistic, the sports fans or the funny comedian. Chalk of the Town has a variety of colored chalk markers and stencils to create the perfect colorful design. With a variety of totes and chalkboard shirts, they will have fun personalizing their fashion again and again.

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls Lugz Shoes

Kids go through shoes so fast. They are either growing out of them or destroying them. Plus, you need to have a pair to match every outfit right? This holiday season, grab them some stylish, heavy-duty, fashionable, shoes from Lugz.

Get the whole family outfitted with shoes they will love from Lugz. With so many styles and colors of boots and sneakers, there is something to fit everyone’s tastes and needs. From slip-resistant boots to cute canvas sneakers, you’ll find something to look good with every outfit at Lugz, no matter what they’re doing. While you’re there, grab yourself a pair of Lugz as well!

Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas for Girls elephant organics

One of my favorite holiday traditions is matching clothes. This year I can wait to dress my girls in The Elephant Organics.

The Elephant Organics is a unique children’s clothing line with soft, durable, and fashionable clothing. I love that The Elephant Organic’s pieces are timeless and excellent quality. My daughter adores this Long Sleeve Flutter Twirl Dress. I love that she can dress it down with leggings or up with a cardigan and tights. I also love that they carry baby sizes as well. So many fun and fashionable finds for all the children in the family.

Which of these gift ideas for girls would your daughters love?

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Saturday 23rd of November 2019

The Cabbage Patch doll is my favorite. But all choices are so cool and relevant to the time we live in!


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

These are great girls gift ideas! I think a scooter is always welcomed!

Lisa Joy Thompson

Saturday 23rd of November 2019

These are such great gift ideas! I need to look into the Mightier tablet. I've never heard of it, but sounds like it would be great to have.


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

I wish my daughter was a kid again. She would love so many of these gifts. I am in love with that Cabbage Patch doll. I had a couple growing up.

Kita Bryant

Friday 22nd of November 2019

These are all such cute ideas. I wish my girl was young enough to still want toys like these! Makes for a much easier

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