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Cleaning Resolutions

I received Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning supplies in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Am I the only one with cleaning resolutions out there? With two toddlers running around my house all day, a husband in dental school, and a shedding dog, sometimes I feel like keeping my house clean is overwhelming. Sometimes? Okay, all the time!

At this stage in my life I have learned to embrace the clutter. I realize that there will probably always be a stack of mail on my counter I got half through before someone was crying or needed help with something. There will probably always be a stuffed animal, toy train, or Hot Wheels car on my floor. It is okay with me, I would rather my kids have fun and learn and grow, than fight with them about every little thing. But I do try to make sure my house is clean.

My floors are mopped, the counters wiped down (when they are not covered with stuff), and my bathrooms all get scrubbed on a regular basis, but my goal is to stay more on top of it this year. With the addition of Children in my life I have thought more about the types of cleaners that I use. It seemed to me that cleaners were always so harsh and strong smelling and full of harmful chemicals, then I found Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaners.

photo 3

Mrs. Meyer herself had the same problem I was running into, and as a mother of nine I can’t imagine the messes she was cleaning up, so she developed a line of cleaning products that smell great, work great, and are great! Their products do not contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates. They only use concentrated, biodegradable formulas and at least 25% post-consumer plastic in our bottles. They do not test on animals.

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From laundry detergent to hand soap, counters to windows, Mrs. Meyer’s does it all! I am so in love with all their scents and love how my house smells great after I am done cleaning up, not harsh and chemically like it used to! I love all their scents but Geranium, Radish, and the holiday Orange Clove are my favorite. All of their products work just as well or better than the ones I had been using in the past. Their laundry soap is awesome and safe to use on babies clothing. I especially enjoy their kitchen products, nothing screams clean to me like an empty, shiny sink and a running dishwasher, all with the scent of geraniums lingering in the air!

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If you love a fresh smelling, clean home. Go pick up some Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaners from their website or at your local store. Like they say on their website have a house that is “Squeaky clean. Not stinky clean.”

2014 is the year of the clean counter at my house, how about yours?

What are your cleaning resolutions?