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I received an HP Pavilion 23″ All-in-One Desktop. All opinions are my own. is a one-stop destination where you can shop for computers, cameras, TVs, and other consumer electronics. They are one of the forefront online websites that works hard to put their customers first.

5 Reasons to Shop with


Selection: They have a huge selection so you can compare, filter, and sort until you find just the right product for your home. They have strong connections with their suppliers which allows them to keep their inventory in stock. No more searching and scrolling to find the prefect item, just to be disappointed that it’s sold out.

Fast Processing: understands that once you order, you will be anxious to get your new toy in hand! That’s why a super-fast turn around time is a priority. Most items are processed in shipped within 24-48 hours, often even quicker than that!

Competitive Pricing: They order in large sales volumes to be able to pass on the large quantity prices to their customers. You’ll find the lowest legitimate prices for factory fresh merchandise that is covered under USA Manufacturers Warranties.

Quality Service: truly makes their customer #1. They understand that you have many choices out there, so they will work hard to earn your business and give you the best service possible.

Safe & Secure: Shopping online with is both safe and easy. They secure all online transactions with VeriSign Secure Server IDs in conjunction with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect all your personal information. Your confidential information will never be sold, distributed or rented.


Hewlett Packard Pavilion 23-q020

BuyDig 04528 has a huge selections of desktop and laptop computers. Everything from tablets to gaming keyboards to networking products and even new all-in-one PCs. I have been looking for a computer that could be setup in our family room without taking up a ton of space or looking like a big bundle of cords. An All-in-One is a perfect solution for us. As it has no exterior box, all the computer components are housed within the slim monitor, so we could set up the computer on a narrow desk in the family room and have it look great! Just a single power cord, no other cables required!

The Hewlett Packard Pavilion 23-q020 23″ Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop fit just what I was looking for. It has a large monitor so everyone in the family room can keep an eye on the screen to monitor what games and apps are being played on the computer, or check if your children are staying on task with their homework.

BuyDig 04529

I loved that it came with a wireless keyboard and mouse included. That meant, literally no more cables to mess with! When the computer is not in use, the keyboard and mouse can be tucked into a desk drawer and remain out of sight.

The touchscreen makes it easy and intuitive to use, even for my 4 year old, so there is no time wasted trying to navigate through the system. The screen has a beautiful full HD resolution that spans edge to edge and powerful speakers so you can watch movies, play games, browse the web or accomplish your work or school tasks.

BuyDig 04531

I was surprised to find a re-writeable DVD drive is included. With the limited space I would imagine an All-in-One has to work with, they still didn’t compromise! This powerful PC also includes a webcam, 1TB hardrive, 6 USB ports and an HDMI out port. This really is a computer that can offer everything a family is looking for.

BuyDig 04533

What BuyDig product would help your family be more productive?

Donna Ouimette

Sunday 4th of October 2015

HP Pavilion 23-q020 23" Touchscreen All-in-One Desktop Computer would make my household more productive as my son would be able to get his fireman school work and his regular school done faster as he would be able to work ahead he's already lost his work earlier this year and had to redo fireman vocabulary words cuz his ipad broke. Ty for the chance.

Angela Wright

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

This would make home schooling my 12 yr old twins so much easier. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.

Amelia Ramey

Wednesday 30th of September 2015

Pick me! I need this computer!

Lauren Workman

Sunday 27th of September 2015

It's about time I have a computer for myself!! HAHA


Saturday 26th of September 2015

My Computer is sooo old, this would be heaven. And I could give this one to a friend without a computer. Thank you for the opportunity

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