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Breakfast On-The-Go With Pillsbury

I received Pillsbury Heat-N-Go prize pack in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

With school in session, mornings with a student can be crazy and hectic. Although the student in my house is my husband, we both look for ways to simplify our morning routines; we try and make our mornings run smoothly by setting out clothes and packing our bags the night before. Another way we simplify our mornings without skimping on breakfast is finding quick and delicious breakfast foods we can eat on-the-go. Pillsbury Heat-N-Go provides delicious waffles and pancakes perfect for your morning rush.


Now, I know what you’re thinking – who has time to eat waffles and pancakes during a chaotic morning? With new Pillsbury Heat-N-Go you can enjoy these delicious breakfast foods in minutes. Packaged in individual bags, all you have to do is heat and eat! With tantalizing flavors baked right into each miniature pancake (Blueberry and Maple Burst’n) and waffle (Maple Madness), you can enjoy a yummy breakfast without the mess! Because each serving provides your body with 14 grams of whole grains, 0 grams of trans-fat, and no high fructose corn syrup, you won’t feel guilty eating Pillsbury Heat-N-Go as a treat throughout your day.


My new favorite breakfast foods: Pillsbury Heat-N-Go pancakes and waffles. The home-cooked taste and delicious maple and blueberry flavors make these breakfast foods stand alone – no syrup needed. I love the miniature size, they fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. My husband enjoys popping a bag of Pillsbury Heat-N-Go in the microwave in the morning and eating these delicious pancakes and waffles on his way to school. I love how filling yet healthy they are. Providing my body with 14 grams of whole grains, I don’t feel guilty as I snack on Pillsbury Heat-N-Go waffles and pancakes. Pillsbury Heat-N-Go waffles and pancakes simplify my family’s chaotic mornings while filling our stomachs with delicious breakfast foods that keeps us energized throughout the day.

Be sure to pick up Pillsbury Heat-N-Go in your local grocer’s freezer section. To learn more about the Pillsbury Heat-N-Go ($0.99 per bag) guarantee, visit For more amazing Pillsbury products, visit