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5 Amazing Things You Need for Your Next Trip

Traveling around the world can be so much fun, but it’s essential to be prepared for all the adventures your trip will bring. Today, we’re sharing 5 amazing things you need for your next trip, no matter what destination you have in mind. From getting a better night’s sleep to helping you take your essentials along for the journey and even spending a few minutes self reflecting, these essentials will help you have the best trip possible.

These brands sponsored my recent trip to Los Barriles, Baja as part of the Surge Conference.

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5 Amazing Things You Need for Your Next Trip

1. Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep with Dreamwater

There is nothing worse than a terrible night’s sleep while traveling. It can be difficult to calm your mind, and settle in, when you’re not in your usual environment. Add uncomfortable beds or lack of pillow and you’ve set yourself up for a difficult vacation. A good night’s sleep is the best gift we can give ourselves, especially for busy travel days.

Dreamwater offers a single-serve all natural sleep aid that can help you get a better night’s sleep, no matter where you are. It is made with GABA to help reduce anxiety, Melatonin to regulate a natural sleep cycle, and 5-HTP that helps promote sleep and relaxation you’ll be quickly on your way to a dreamland. Best of all, they are small and convienent to take anywhere as a liquid drink or a sleep powder. Dreamwater can help you fall asleep, or get back to sleep if you struggle with middle-of-the-night wake-ups.


2. Be Prepared for Adventures with Bondi Bands

Traveling brings with it lots of new adventures and activities. One way to be prepared for all the fun is with Bondi Bands line of headbands, arm bands, compression socks, and other accessories. Use the arm band to carry your cell phone, cash or cards, ipod, keys, or whatever else you may need while keeping your hands free to explore!

The Bondi Bands no-slip headbands are a comfortable way to keep your hair back, and out of your face, as you take on the world. They help to absorb and wick away sweat and dry quickly so you stay comfortable during your trip. Or pick up a pair of compression socks to help aid circulation and help with leg cramps, aching, and fatigue during trips with lots of walking.


3. Make Moments for Yourself to Take in the Journey

No one wants to head off on a vacation and end up coming up more stressed and tired than when they left. It’s important to plan a few minutes to yourself each day of your trip. That can be unwinding or a relaxing bath at the end of the night or even just taking a few minutes to journal and reflect on your trip.

I’m loving the Creative Mind. Happy Soul. Journal by Doodle Lovely. It’s filled with easy to follow prompts and guides to help you start writing and doodling! It’s a fun way to spend a few minutes of your day focusing on what made you happy, finding gratitude, or just jotting down your favorite moments from the journey so they aren’t forgotten. The Creative Mind. Happy Soul. Journal is a perfect size to take with you in your purse or bag as you travel the globe and can be pulled out whenever you have a minute.


4. Don’t Let Your Period Ruin the Fun!

We ladies might try our best to schedule our vacations to avoid our monthly cycle, but with a menstrual cup like Ruby Cup, we can worry less and enjoy our trips more without our period getting in the way. Ruby Cup is a medical grade silicone cup that is used to catch your flow without limiting your movement and activity. The cup can be used for up to 12 hours at a time without needing to be emptied so you can spend all day exploring a destination and then take care of business when you’re back to your hotel for the night.

When it’s time to take action, you’ll just need to empty the cup into the toilet or shower, and then rinse before reinserting. You’ll never be left on the hunt for tampons while on vacation again!

For every Ruby Cup that is purchased, one is donated to a girl in a developing country along with a workshop on reproductive health and training on how to handle their menstrual cycle. Many of these girls were dropping out of school without the help to know how to handle their period and the embarrassment that came along with it. This is truly a life changing gift for girls in need.


5. Bring Allergen Free Snacks to Satisfy “Hangry” Travel Companions

I always bring snacks along on my vacations, but packing ones that are free from all 9 major allergens, like the FreeYumm line of yummy snacks, helps make our trip worry free. No matter who is along for the adventure, we have something to help ease the tension that happens on vacations when someone is hungry. That goes for not just the little people on the trip – but adults too!

There’s nothing worse than a trip ruined by hunger, which can quickly ruin everyone’s mood. Travel usually means a busy schedule and lots of activities, so healthy snacks are absolutely essential! The FreeYumm snack line includes bars and cookies that are made without ingredients such as dairy, eggs, nuts, they are even gluten free! It’s a perfect healthy snack that’s easy to take along in your purse or backpack while you travel.

You can find FreeYumm at stores across the country and on Amazon! Use the promo code FYSAMPLE for 20% off your first order!

Which of these essentials will you take on your next trip? 

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