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5 Tips to Slice Retail Prices in Half!

I’m a big believer in watching and waiting for sales that I very rarely pay retail prices for an online purchase. I love when I find an awesome deal that makes shopping really exciting! You don’t have to work really hard to save money, just try a few simple things while shopping online. Here are my tips for how you can save a ton of money off those expensive retail prices with just a bit of patience and deal searching!

5 Tips to Slice Retail Prices in Half!

5 Tips to Slice Retail Prices in Half!

  1. Use Daily Deal Sites – Everyone has heard of at least one daily deal site such as Groupon or Zulily but there are MANY sites out there. If you’re looking for a particular brand to be featured on a deal site find out where they’ve been featured before. With daily deal sites you can generally save 30-70% off retail prices! Plus, you can occasionally add in coupon codes or free shipping offers for even higher savings! Visit my Deals Page to see my favorite deal site.
  2. Cash Back! Cash Back sites work by giving you a targeted link for visiting and shopping at a retailer. When a purchase is confirmed through the affiliate channels, the cash back site offers you a percentage back from your total purchase price from their commission. Plus, the cash back is extremely easy to earn, just navigate to your cash back site of preference and then click over to the store you want to browse or shop. You are also often offered coupons for that store as well. One awesome cash back website is, they will even give you $3 just for signing up!
  3. Use a Coupon Code – You don’t have to go coupon crazy and use coupons for every single item at the grocery store (if that’s not your thing) to be able to score some real savings on your purchases. This goes for both online and offline sales. Watch your mailbox or look for printable coupons that can be used in stores. For online purchases, adding in a coupon code during checkout is the easiest way to save. Be sure to look for a free shipping code or percent off savings which will quickly add up!
  4. WAIT it out!! This, by far, can be the hardest part of scoring a great deal. Sometimes there just aren’t any coupons, promotions, discounts, or offers right at the moment you suddenly think of a must-have item. If you are willing to wait on your purchase for just a little while you are likely to be rewarded with some kind of special savings offer. Almost all companies come out with different coupons or promotions a few times a month to encourage sales. If your favorite brand DOESN’T offer discounts, then it just might be time to “break-up” with your favorite brand!
  5. Deal “Hunting” Site – There are some great resources out there where you can find a community of people helping each other to find some really hot offers. I’m always seeing hot deals for Amazon or other top retailers with incredible savings because of clearance or a hot promotional offer. If I’m looking for something in particular it’s easy to visit a deal hunting site and do a quick search to see if there are already any hot prices available! Plus, you can often find freebies and hot prices on things you may already need to buy like toilet paper or batteries.

Don’t be afraid to combine more than one of the methods above on a purchase. You can easily get cash back, a coupon, and an awesome clearance find to get unbelievable savings. I hope some of these tips have helped you and you can begin to look at that full retail price purchase and shake your head! Never pay retail! What are your favorite tips or methods to find savings?


Saturday 21st of July 2012

I always google for coupon codes before ordering online!  Saves a lot! I also put mobile apps on my phone - like Joann's or Michaels - and then I'm never there without a coupon, since I used to forget to bring a printout in the past.

Cindy B

Friday 15th of June 2012

Definitely a thoughtful post. I utilize these ideas already but wasn't familiar with all the links you posted so thanks.

Tammy dodson

Wednesday 23rd of May 2012

Thank you for the great advice

Heidi J. Sisco

Friday 11th of May 2012

Thank you for all the great advice. I am always looking for ways to save money and you have so many greats tricks here that I hadn't thought of!

Birdie Skolfield

Thursday 10th of May 2012

Like you advise to Wait it out  today everyone wats INSTANT gratification ...just wait for it is so our motto round here thanks for the great ideas on saving.

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