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Tips to Stretch Your Christmas Budget

I received a MasterCard prepaid gift card as a thank you for this post. Opinions are my own.

During the holiday rush, many people choose to purchase gifts for members of their family and even their business associates. Depending on what type of gift they choose, and the amount of people that they buy Christmas gifts for, sticking to their budget can soon be a thing of the past. Before heading out shopping for Christmas gifts, it is important that you figure out how much money you have to spend.

Stretch Your Christmas Budget

Here’s a few ideas to stretch your Christmas budget further:

Planning is beneficial to your spending. Many people start putting away money in January for Christmas of that year. Some people take a quarter of what they saved up and start purchasing the gifts in September. Before starting your Christmas shopping, make sure that you figure out who you are buying for and have an idea of what you are going to get.

Try to buy your Christmas gifts from the same merchant. If this does not work, try buying them all at the same mall or shopping center. This will help you to save time on your shopping venture, and money on gas as well.

Another way to limit your spending on Christmas gifts is to eliminate the amount of people that you buy gifts for. Many people only purchase items for the younger people in the family. They often do not spend money on gifts for the adults in the family. If you feel that you should purchase a gift for the older people on your list, make sure that you choose a household item in which you could present to more than one person.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all the shopping yourself, your kids can make their own gift purchases while sticking to a budget with a MasterCard reloadable prepaid card. Help them plan a budget and then you can track and discuss their expenses.

When it comes to spending money on Christmas gifts, some people even choose to purchase the gift the day after Christmas. This way of gift buying is not easy for everyone. For those of you, who might not have enough cash flow during the Christmas holiday, can choose to use a credit card or prepaid card by MasterCard. This is a great way to buy your gifts without having to worry about carrying the cash with you. Often, credit cards have special savings and travel offers that can help you with your travel expenses.

If you get stumped for the best gift your tweens or teens, get them a SpendSmart MasterCard Prepaid gift card! They’ll get to use it like cash but it can give them practice budgeting and watching their balance with instant text alerts! As a bonus, no returns or re-gifting this year!

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