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Teen’s Guide to Surviving High School @JCPenney #SoWorthIt

It’s that time of year again. A new school year, a new grade, a new teacher. A chance to start over again. The first week of school and the last week of school were always my favorite. If your teen needs some help jumping into this school year, or just wants to make it that much better, here are some tips from our back to school guide for teens.

This post is sponsored by JCPenney. All opinions are my own. 

Secrets and tips of surviving high school, a guide for teenager's with advice and insight from YouTube star Alisha Marie.

Teen’s Guide to Surviving High School

Go easy on the make-up. You want to accentuate without going overboard. A little base and powder goes a long way. Do up your eyes with a subtle touch of eyeliner, eye shadow and maybe some mascara. Finish it off with a touch of light lipstick or some gloss.

How to apply makeup

Navigate through the bullies. Like Taylor says, “haters gunna hate”. That’s true wherever you go in life. Someone is always going to have something to say. Don’t play their games. When all is said and done, the people who were mean to you growing up, won’t be there when you’re older. There will be new people and new problems. Learn to laugh it off and ignore the haters. Surround yourself with friends that care and forget about the rest.

Find a hobby. Whether it’s a sport, acting class, choir, honor society or Sign Language club, join something. When you find something you like doing, join in. It will make your school days go faster. You will be amazed at the friends you will make who enjoy doing the same things you do. You can even jump around clubs and sports until you find the ones you like the most. Then, the more you do it, the better you will get. You may even find some hidden talents.


Don’t be afraid to try new things. I know this is harder than it sounds. We all want to be brave, but it’s not always that easy. Many people want to do things and then don’t because they are too afraid. Don’t kick yourself for your whole life because you wanted to do something, but were too scared to try. Take chances and give new things a try.

Be confident and gain some self-esteem. It’s easier to be confident when you feel comfortable being yourself and love who you are. You do that by finding the things you like and deciding what kind of person you want to be. So go create a personalized style and find out what you are good at doing.


Rock a new look. Nothing says “new school year” like a new look for a new year. Be bold, be brave and overall, be you. Find what you like and style it in whatever way makes you happy. Check out some of the newest and hottest trends, like the Arizona High Rise Super Skinny Jeans and Long Sleeved Crochet Detailed Blouse Alora found pictured here, at your local JCPenney store.

Back to school shopping with friends at JCPenney

Whatever look you’re going for, JCPenney has affordable styles and brands to pull off a look that is just you. Mix and match various pieces from their many different lines to find the perfect statement of who you want to be. A new school year is all about starting over new. It’s a great time to give your wardrobe and your self-esteem a face lift.


JCPenney’s Girls Night In Tour

JCPenney has partnered with Fullscreen Live to help host the national “Girls Night In” styled by @JCPenney #SoWorthIt tour. They’re celebrating self-expression through style this school year by inviting some of the biggest fashion and beauty YouTube stars on a 24 city empowerment tour.

Alisha Marie YouTube star at JCPenney Girls Night In event

Alisha Marie is one of the YouTube stars on the GNI Tour this year. She made a guest appearance at our local JCPenney. It was great to see all of the girls excited to meet her.  Her words of advice to my daughter about the new school year was to accept that this year will be different. Make it your year and own it. Be daring, try something new and step out of your comfort zone.


Interview with YouTube Star Alisha Marie

What’s your favorite style, your favorite to-go outfit? 

Alisha Marie: My go-to outfit is something that’s very comfortable, because as much as I wanna like live this like high, glamorous live all the time, I swear, my go-to outfit every day is literally like just shorts and a t-shirt, maybe a choker so it looks like it’s very trendy.

Do you have any advice for starting the school year?

Alisha Marie: Starting the school year can be very intimidating but think of it as a fun time, and a brand new start. I definitely say, just accept that this year is going to be different, but make it your year. If you go in and just own it, it will be so much better. And try something new, I feel like every year I try to do something a little daring, out of my comfort zone, and then later that year I’d look back and be like wow I did so much, I accomplished so much, even though it like terrified me at the beginning.

How did you get started with your YouTube Channel? Do you have any advice for people starting their own channel?

Alisha Marie: I started my YouTube channel in 2008, they were very, very bad videos, they were just bad quality and I was very awkward and I didn’t know how to talk. Some of the old ones you do find are the better of the old ones.

This sounds so cliche, but be yourself, because, I feel like there are so many people trying to also do a YouTube and stuff, and it can be hard, it can look very overwhelming, but in reality no one else can do you better than you, if that makes sense. I always tried to be so perfect in the beginning with my channel, so I would re-film videos like three times. I tried so much to be perfect, but now I leave in my randomness and my bloopers and I feel that’s what makes my channel unique because that’s me.

Alisha Marie YouTube star Interview girls night in

Life’s what you make of it. Make this year rock. Grab a new look and try some new things. Be daring, be brave and of course, always be you.

What is your advice to teens starting a new shool year?

Reesa Lewandowski

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

Confidence is all in how you hold yourself. I love the idea of minimal makeup and a cute new look.

Ash Sears

Tuesday 16th of August 2016

These are awesome tips on how to rock the new year! A new look can always make you feel better.


Monday 15th of August 2016

These are some great tips! A few new looks always made me feel more confident when tackling a new school year! JCPenney was always one of my favorites because I could buy a ton and not break the bank.

Tammi Roy

Monday 15th of August 2016

I would hate to be in high school again. It is so different now then it was in my day. These are great tips.

Elizabeth Lampman

Monday 15th of August 2016

I have a few years before high school. I am so worried about bullies. It is important to teach kids to be confident.

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