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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect New Baby Gift

Choosing a gift for a new baby can seem difficult. There are after all, literally millions of products from which you can choose. Use these tips when selecting a gift for your new baby shower to ensure that the new parents and baby will treasure the gift you have given.

  1. Remember that the gift should be useful. You can never go wrong with toiletries, soft toys and layettes, particularly for new parents. These items will be very useful and new baby will need lots of toiletries, diapers and other necessities in the first few weeks.
  2. Look to see if the parents have a registry somewhere. You want to ensure that you are giving a gift that is useful for the couple and their specific lifestyle. You certainly do not want to give cloth diapers to parents who are not going to use them.
  3. Diapers, diapers, diapers. It cannot be stressed enough that diapers and wipes are going to be needed by new baby. You simply can never go wrong giving diapers, wipes and other toiletries to the parents-to-be.
  4. Bottles are a good idea as well. Pacifiers, bottle brushes and other feeding utensils are an excellent choice for new parents. Try to avoid giving anything that will go out of date or that the baby may not be able to use. Formula and baby food is not a great idea for a shower gift. Bottles, sippy cups and feeding utensils make wonderful gift choices.
  5. Think education. You can always impress new parents and baby by gifting educational toys that help aid in baby’s development. You may also consider education for first-time parents as well. CDs and books are available that will help parents to be a bit more prepared for the changes that new baby is going to make in their lives.

No gift is a wrong gift, really. There are a few however that are going to be a bit more useful to new parents. The best choices for new baby gifts include diapers and other toiletries, blankets, sleepers and soft toys that baby will be able to use during the first few months of life.

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Wednesday 23rd of May 2012

Great tips, and so very true! I could have used a LOT more diapers. We got so many clothes at my baby shower that my son wore a brand new outfit almost every single day and ended up growing out of the newborn clothes before he had a chance to wear them all! 


Wednesday 23rd of May 2012

I always try to look for unique gift items but one thing that never fails is I make diaper cakes everyone loves them

Miranda W

Tuesday 22nd of May 2012

I'm a big fan of books as gifts. A big book of bedtime story's is something that "Daddy" can make use of too. 


Tuesday 22nd of May 2012

I always check for a registry first, for the expectant parents.  Then, I give a gift card or cash... Many thanks, Cindi

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