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5 Scientifically Proven Weight Loss Secrets to Try Today

loseweightData from the World Health Organization suggests that 30% of the world’s population will be overweight or obese by 2015 – and Americans are already there. Are you one of the 30%? I know I am, and I’m ready to do something about it! There are way too many diet gurus offering miracle cures that promise the sky but fail to leave the ground. Who should you listen to? Tired of previous ineffective weight loss ventures I have decided to listen only to what science says.  So I set out to find the most recent research on weight loss conducted by universities and in this article I am sharing with you what I found; some weight loss tips that really work – and these are the best of the bunch!

Make Some Fat Friends

Did you know that your friends’ weight influences how much you eat? If all of your friends are skinnier than you are, don’t go out to dinner with them! Naturally skinny people who eat a lot can be a very bad influence on your own eating habits. When you see a skinny friend bolting down plate after plate of fettuccine alfredo, you may be influenced to do so as well, according to a study published by the Journal of Consumer Research.

In contrast, “if an overweight colleague eats a lot, you are likely to adjust your portion and consume less food”, the authors of the study announced. Obviously, your mind makes a connection between your heavy-set friend and the amount of food he/she eats and concludes that “if I eat that much, I will soon look like that”. Hang out with chubby friends—or do non-food related activities with skinny ones, and drop a few pounds.

Use a Meal Replacement

Choose a shake or other high protein meal replacement product in place of lunch and you’ll consume fewer calories the rest of the day, even if you don’t alter your other eating habits. A recent study by Cornell University reveals that people who consumed a high protein shake at lunch naturally reduced their food intake later in the day. Our grocery store carries the shakes—but I’ve always thought they were too expensive to use several times a day; but replacing just lunch is actually affordable, and worth a try. Plus, the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor is really tasty, too!

For information on two companies that offer clinically studied meal replacements visit:

Don’t Trust the Menu

As you peruse the menu in a restaurant that offers a diet-friendly or healthy menu, be aware that the figures listed for calories, fat and other values may be incorrect. A recent study by Tufts University and the USDA measured the nutritional content of 269 different menu items from chain restaurants, and the results were surprising. A full 19% of menu items contained at least a hundred more calories than advertised—and one item clocked in at a whopping thousand extra calories.

Variances are likely from the people preparing the food, since one may use more butter, oil or other high fat or calorie ingredient than another. Safeguard yourself this against this by choosing foods with simple cooking method—choose grilled chicken instead of a chicken swimming in sauce and you won’t have to worry that the cook was a little heavy handed with the oil when creating the sauce.

Have Dessert With Breakfast

Bring on the chocolate croissants! Researchers from the University of Tel Aviv recently released findings that show that when you add a dessert into your morning meal you can not only enjoy that snack—but you’ll have fewer cravings the rest of the day. Why does this work? Because if you are depriving yourself of sweets, you may end up fixated on the very things you are trying to avoid. Having a bit of dessert as part of a 600 calorie breakfast won’t sabotage – and may even help – your weight loss plan, explains Prof. Jakubowicz. Chocolate cake for breakfast –that’s my kind of research!

Cover Your Eyes

Cover your eyes when a commercial with tempting food comes on –and flip past food photos in magazines without stopping. New research shows that these pervasive, highly attractive, appetizing and tempting food advertisements are fueling the obesity epidemic. The simple act of viewing a delectable food item may make you overeat – even if you don’t have access to the food itself.

Researchers at the Max Planck Research of Psychology recently determined that the image of food can increase the level of ghrelin, a neuropeptide hormone that stimulates food intake in humans, leading to increased appetite – so it may be time to delete your Pinterest boards featuring picture perfect cupcakes and drop a few pounds.

Simply making a few changes, altering what you eat—and who you eat it with, can help you lose more as you make your way through your weightless journey. The best thing about the ideas on this list? You can start today without spending any extra cash on ridiculous “cures” that don’t lighten anything but your pocketbook!

Disclosure: An administration fee for processing (editing and publishing) this article was applied.

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