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Top 3 Diet Meal Delivery Programs in the US

With the US being one of the countries with the highest percentage of working moms (61%—Sweden holding the top position at 76%), and Americans working the longest hours among industrialized nations (Japanese coming second), taking an hour off your busy schedule every day in order to plan your diet, go grocery shopping, cook your food, and wash the dishes, sounds difficult to impossible to the ears of many Americans. Combine this with the fact that 2 out of 3 people in the US need to lose weight, and it comes at no surprise that obesity is already the number one preventable cause of death.

In the past 10 years, several companies have emerged that offer high quality food delivery services to cater to people who value the convenience of healthy, chef-prepared, diet food shipped to their doorstep. If you are thinking of enrolling in a convenient meal delivery service, but are unsure yet which one would be best for you, here are the features of the top 3 prepared food companies presently in the US.




  • Rated #1 by (the largest informational website about food and cookery) in a blind taste test
  • You eat 3 times a day. No snacks
  • Meals are dietitian-designed and chef-crafted
  • 3 Menus: Vegetarians, Low-Carb, Low-Fat
  • No contract, no commitment. You pay every week
  • In addition to shipping in all US continent, it offers local pick up in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Fransisco.
  • Meals served on a 5-day rotation to offer variety
  • Highly customizable. You can remove/add ingredients to each dish  to cater to your dislikes/allergies
  • Perfectly portioned meals of 1,200 and 1,600 calories.
  • Costs $96 for 5 days, $20 a day, $6.81 a meal

You can read an extensive review of Diet to Go here:




  • Fresh prepared, great-tasting meals, cooked by chefs
  • You eat 4 times a day. Snacks included
  • Over 120 meals to choose from (1,100-1,300 calories a day)
  • If you don’t lose at least 8 pounds in 4 weeks you get a full refund
  • For the first 9 weeks, every 3 weeks you get one week free.
  • Special food for men
  • Very versatile. You can choose between a 3-day, a 7-day, and a 14-day program.
  • $189.5 for 7 days, $27 per day, $6.78 per meal

You can read an extensive review of eDiets here:




  • Developed by Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D, an expert in the field of nutrition and weight loss
  • You eat 3 times a day. Optional 2 snacks.
  • Programs for men and women
  • The plan provides 1,100-1,400 calories daily
  • Meals are nutritionally balanced. They contain all necessary macronutrients
  • Great variety. Over 200 delicious meals
  • You can customize the meals by selecting your preferred ingredients.
  • You can cancel any time. You pay a week’s worth of meals each time.
  • Food arrives fully cooked and frozen. You just microwave it and eat it.
  • $129.95 for 5 days, $26 a day, $8.66 a meal


All programs offer access to registered dietitians and weight loss tools. They will help you design the food plan that suits your goals. Following any of the programs above, you cannot go wrong. You will not cook, count calories, measure, or do expensive grocery shopping. You will lose 2 lb/week eating fresh, tasty, nutritionally balanced food.

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Denise Taylor-Dennis

Monday 4th of February 2013

Sounds interesting I've never been on an official diet. I try to eat moderately.

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