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Stylish Workout Outfits for Women – Ellie Review!

Let’s be honest, most of the time I don’t wear any cute or stylish workout outfits when I’m ready to exercise. Usually I will pull on some pajama bottoms and a frumpy shirt. But, then I never really feel good and I definitely don’t want to be seen in public. It’s amazing how simply changing from something frumpy to something cute but still comfortable can make such a difference to how you feel. I’m excited to get to introduce you to Ellie, a fashion forward workout outfits company for women! They have styles which can make you feel confident and cute while providing comfort. I was able to check out their February collection which is still available for a limited time but many of the styles are selling out quickly. Their March styles, the Little Black Collection, is also available now as well with awesome black pieces that are really cute!

Stylish Workout Outfits by Ellie

I was really pleased with my Ellie fitness outfit. It was snug but stretchy which helped give a slimming affect to cover some of my extra rolls. The top was really lightweight and breathable which is perfect for exercising in and will be really nice for hot summer weather, too. I’ve washed both several times also and they have held up perfectly. Now, I have a workout outfit that I can feel comfortable in, even outside of the house!

Find Cute Workout Outfits with Ellie

With Ellie, you can get started with a fun style quiz that lets you pick preferences and share what ways you work out to pick styles that will work best for you. I really appreciate that I could select sleeve styles and waist lines that I felt comfortable wearing so I didn’t have to browse through a bunch of styles that I knew wouldn’t be for me. Ellie also lets you select color families and basic style preferences before you see your recommendations. Then, you can browse and shop for styles and purchase pieces individually or sign up for a monthly service which you can cancel at any time that lets you pick any two pieces for just $49.95 plus free shipping!

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Stylish Workout Outfits for Women - Ellie Review! 1664
Ellie is offering 20% off for new subscribers making your first month under $40 for two pieces! This is a great promotion since my outfit above is about $80 if purchased separately.

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Rita Spratlen

Sunday 17th of March 2013

They are cute!! I like stretchy clothes when I work out. Seems like they have a nice line of clothes for doing so. Thanks for the review.


Wednesday 13th of March 2013

I enjoy working out and having comfortable workout clothes is important to me too. Thanks

Tammy Schiff

Saturday 9th of March 2013

Cute outfit. I am all about being comfortable.

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