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5 Great Frozen Meal Turned Fresh

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Michelina’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband has been out of town this past week leaving me home with all four of our young boys day in and day out. I have been so incredibly tired this whole week that I’ve taken a couple of naps and start falling asleep as I’m trying to finish up last minute things for my site at the end of the day.

When dinner rolls around, it’s hard to want to make a full on homemade meal when you already have such a busy schedule or are just plain tired after a long day. Eating a frozen meal definitely simplifies mealtime prep, but can often taste like it was frozen. I am excited to show you some of the awesome ways I have seen to take a traditional frozen meal and turn it into something more by adding a few fresh ingredients!

5 Meal Ideas to go from Frozen to Fresh!

Jazzing up a frozen meal with a dash of fresh basil, tomatoes and bacon makes something unique that turns frozen to gorumet! I can’t wait to try Honeybearlane’s recipe twist!

The Gunny Sack, whipped up Chipotle Chicken and Rice Burritos by taking a frozen meal and using it as the base for homemade burritos! What a smart way to speed up the prep time!

5 Great Frozen Meal Turned Fresh michelinas blog featureimage template SP

We’ve tried creating stuffed peppers before and the filling tends to take a long time to get ready. I’m loving this shortcut for Sweet & Sour Stuffed Peppers!

This kid friendly variety on a macaroni frozen meal created a filling meal! See Modern Day Mom’s – Simple Mac Dog Mini-Casseroles Recipe!

Finally, Mom Dot shared a great side-dish that pairs perfectly with a fettuchini frozen meal to take your meal to the next level. Her Bruschette Siciliani looks amazing!


Michelina’s is supporting the movement to make your meals stand out and break the frozen boundaries by encouraging you to make their meals your own by adding your own favorite ingredients. You can start with any of the Michelina’s Lean Gourmet® meals and then add a dash of this and a scoop of that to Make It Your Michelina’s.

How would you make your frozen meals fresh?