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10 Ways To Stay Active With Your Family

One of my jobs as a mom is to make sure my kids develop healthy habits at a young age. This includes but is not limited to eating well, being responsible, being kind, and taking care of their bodies. I love teaching my kids that exercise is not a chore, it is something that we do to have fun and take care of our minds and bodies. Here are ten ways we like to stay active as a family and how I take care of all the active wear that comes along with the fun!

This post is sponsored by P&G. Ideas and opinions are my own.


1. Take A Hike- Living in Alaska, we have unlimited hikes surrounding our home. It is so fun to find a kid friendly trail and enjoy the nature around us.


  1. Hit The Park- Have you ever chased three kids under the age of 5 around the park? It’s a workout for everyone involved.

3. Ride Bikes- Now that our youngest is old enough to safely ride in a buggy, family bike rides can be so much fun!

Bike Ride-4

4. Take A Walk- Find a park to stroll by or just walk around the neighborhood. It is always amazing to me how much fun we have chatting along the way! Walking is a great way to get kids to open up and talk.

5. Go Swimming- A summertime favorite! Swimming is such a fun way to use your muscles and get moving while having a blast!


6. Play Games- My kids are obsessed with games like tag and hide and seek. Such a fun way to spend our time together.

7. Host Races- My son is super competitive and he loves to plan a race. Down the driveway. Around the yard. Up the rock climbing wall. Doesn’t matter where or who is involved, he wants to race.


8. Play Sports- Our current family favorite is soccer. My kids have both played on teams this summer and we love to play in the backyard when daddy comes home from work.

9. Yoga- I love to do yoga in the morning and my kids love to join me. Don’t tell anyone, I think they are better at it than I am.

10. Clean Up The Yard- Technically a chore, cleaning up the yard can be hard work! But lots of help makes the work fly by!

All of these fun activities create a ton of laundry, and it never smells good after all that sweating. Activewear requires some special steps when it comes to washing, but it is worth it to keep them looking and smelling their best. Tide + Downy’s new Odor Defense collection of products are here to save the day. These three products all work together to do an excellent job of keeping all of our active wear fresh and clean smelling, with the power of Febreze.

Tide PODS® Plus Febreze Odor Defense™ Active Fresh laundry detergent pacs are specifically designed to fight tough set-in odors. The Odor Defense technology doesn’t just mask odors, it helps eliminate them while providing long lasting freshness. I love the way our clothes smell and not just the day they are washed, even weeks after cleaning, my clothes still smell so good when I pull them out of the drawer to wear.


Tide Odor Rescue™ with Febreze Odor Defense™ In Wash Laundry Booster helps eliminate odors at the source by cleaning deep into the fibers. The Odor Defense technology breaks down built in odors and all of those gross layers of body soil and dinge, which can lead to lasting smells over time. You use this product in addition to detergent in your wash.


Downy® Fresh Protect April Fresh is like deodorant for your clothes. I never used to use these beads in the past, but now that I have, I am totally hooked. They may be small but they really do pack a ton of punch. Even my toddlers have commented on how good their clothes smell after I use these on their laundry.


By using any combination of these products, you are sure to have wonderfully fresh smelling activewear ready for your next adventure. Like all detergent and cleaning supplies, please make sure that detergents are stored in their original packaging, up and out of reach of children. Keep them up. Keep them closed. keep them safe.


How do you stay active with your family?

Vanya Mahal Ranthambore

Friday 5th of August 2016

Amazing thoughts!! The stinky odors of summer fun. Happy you have all that you have to keep clothing noticing incredible!

Cathi Crismon

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

Awesome ideas!! You've me so excited that I just informed Grandpa and the grands that we're going to take a hike on our local preserve this afternoon. Thanks!!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

The stinky smells of summer fun. Glad you have everything you need to keep laundry smelling great!


Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

My kids are always biking places, and I walk a lot as well. We don't get to do that many physical sport outings nowadays, but I am glad that my family is still plenty active.

Liz Mays

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

We love to play backyard badminton as a family too. We also have a trampoline!

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